Spring 2021

40 Dec20127 KeepingWomen Cool Become is a female-driven start-up that uses innovative clothing technology to create apparel that caters to the health and wellbeing of women, in particular those who suffer hot flushes and night sweats caused by menopause, illness, surgery and prescribed drugs. At the same time, Become is opening up the conversation around menopause, removing stigma and changing the way we talk and think about something that affects millions of women around the world every day. Dispelling the myth that menopause means a woman is no longer sexy and cool, Become is proving that menopause can be the beginning of your best years yet. Become, is a female-driven enterprise that was born with one central mission: to support female health and wellbeing. Specialists in providing natural means of controlling symptoms of menopause, Become has created a range of stylish and functional clothing which has been proven by 87% of women to significantly reduce hot flushes and night sweats caused by menopause, illness, surgery and prescribed drugs. As it gains momentum, Become is also transforming the way we perceive women’s health and menopause, breaking down barriers and doing away with the preconceptions that this is a time when women stop being cool, sexy, fun…when women stop being women. Instead, this fem-tech powerhouse is showing the world that women of all ages are strong, fabulous and capable of anything, and should not be held back by uncomfortable hot flushes and night sweats. From bold advertising campaigns across London, to photoshoots with real-life models that celebrate beauty of all shapes and sizes, Become is unashamedly making its voice heard. The brand also runs events such as the Menopause Workshop and the Become #HotWomenOnly competition to bring women together to celebrate themselves and each other, showing the world that menopause does not spell the end of anyone’s ‘best years’. The brand’s range of intelligent clothing solutions includes underwear, nightwear , t-shirts, camisoles, leggings, shapewear and a recently added face mask, which are all made from a seamless, breathable, cooling lightweight fabric that is silky to the touch. The complex yarns are coated with Become’s patent-pending Anti-Flush Technology , designed to absorb heat from the surface of the skin during a flush, then restore warmth in the body during the chill that follows. The fabric wicks away moisture to cool the body, and the added anti-microbial finish also immobilizes odor to keep clothes fresh and to give women the freedom to perform at their best, even during a flush. The technology is powered by MAS, one of the leading apparel tech companies in South Asia servicing global fashion brands with ground- breaking innovations based on extensive R&D in material science, nanotechnology and e-textiles. Expanding its conventional product portfolio of intimate, sports, swim and performance apparel, MAS has an aggressively growing digital solutions portfolio that includes a number of new consumer technologies, including Become. More importantly, as a global enterprise run by a 94,000-member strong team from across 16 countries, MAS leverages its capacities to tackle pressing environmental and social challenges of our time. With women making up 70% of its global workforce, MAS recognised the unique and largely underserved requirements in women’s wellbeing that could be addressed with its expertise and experience in smart clothing. Seeking to fill this gap in the market and give women more control over their health and their bodies, MAS established Become as its venture into the industry-disrupting fem- tech space. As “Twinery” the innovations team at MAS continues to invest in different areas of femtech, they are opening the conversation up even wider on women’s health issues expanding on to menstruation & maternity as well, to give light to topics that have been taboo for far too long. With MAS also globally recognized for its ethical and sustainable working environments, the company is well placed to impact and improve the lives of women and girls around the world. With 10 million women around the world experiencing menopause right now, it is time to abolish the stigma around a natural part of human life. Instead, Become wants to celebrate the unstoppable nature of women everywhere. With the support of MAS, the Become team and the whole online community at The Chilled Menopause on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, women across the globe are discovering that menopause can be the beginning of the best you yet. Company: Become Clothing Contact: [email protected] Website: www.becomeclothing.com