Spring 2021

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 49 Spring 2021 their lives, from the end of an era to beginning of something new. It’s where masses of people gather to watch and witness the astonishing. It’s where meetings and conferences are held to decide the future of businesses and society at large. The appeal of Van Dyk, its isolation and wild beauty, has been key to the growth of many over the years. With its rural nature, and rooms to spare, Van Dyk has become one of Derbyshire’s most renowned wedding venues, able to cater to a couples’ every desire when it comes to bringing their dream wedding into life. No two couples are the same, and no two weddings are either. This is why the team offer a range of delightful packages that can be easily customised to suit the occasion. For those want all of their loved ones, and those who only want those close at heart, there is a space and a place for all at Van Dyk. Dedicated and experienced wedding planners are on site to organise any extras needed and to ensure that your big day goes off without a hitch. Holding your wedding at Van Dyk is a no-brainer for those who can. Of course, for those who haven’t the time for a longer visit, it’s possible to get just a taste of what Van Dyk means to people, in the most literal sense. The hotel is home to a variety of exciting restaurants, each with their own unique styles and tastes, designed to suit any and all who come to stay. Surrounded by history and heritage, people come forth and break bread with each other. Before your meal has even arrived, you’ll be blown away by the sheer class and elegance of the hotel itself. The chefs are Van Dyk are some of the best in the world, drawing on local cuisine when they craft their delectable dishes. The Southgate Brasserie is the mainstay of the hotel, bringing seasonal specials that embrace what is available. When visiting Van Dyk, you don’t simply have a chance to sit in the heritage of the Peak District, but to experience it too. Delightful meals, borne from ingredients found locally, is at the heart of the operation. The restaurant's signature Beef Bourguignon and an extensive sweet menu are sure to put a smile on anybody’s face. For those who want to look a little further afield for inspiration, the Orangery Restaurant and the Chapel Restaurant offer slightly different environments that may suit individual dinners better. The Orangery brings a contemporary touch in traditional surroundings, with homely dishes that are inspired not just by the best of British, but a rich tapestry of fine dining that reaches across the world. The Chapel Restaurant is a quieter affair, offering an element of sophistication to visitors. A grand piano and three chandeliers make this an experience that is not to be missed, and never to be forgotten. With a drinks menu to die for, including some of the finest wines in the country as well as some of the leading cocktails in the world, this is the place for those who want something a little more grown up in their lives. Naturally, a visit to Van Dyk wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the spa. These treatment rooms draw on Far Eastern healing and wellness rituals, bringing something entirely new to this icon of the Peak District. The team at Van Dyk know that it is not enough to replenish the body, the mind and soul must be treated as well. Any visitor to Van Dyk will speak of its relaxing qualities, but its spa leaves people refreshed, energised and at peace with the world. The treatments on offer range enormously, from those which are designed to relax through to those which serve to enhance a person’s natural beauty. To bring about these incredible results, the team at Van Dyk bring together unique products from three of the world’s finest treatment brands. This serves to make the relaxation experience thoroughly unique to Van Dyk, and is one reason among many to visit and discover the true meaning of the word luxury. What is luxury, if not a place to relax? Van Dyk has built its reputation around being somewhere that people can be at ease. It’s why so many people come through its doors, and why so many people keep coming back for more. Contact: Marc Wildes Email: [email protected]