Spring 2021

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 7 Spring 2021 a riveting contribution to the next chapters of a client’s story. Exploring the impossible and envisioning unprecedented creativity in complex designs demands that Miller Interior Design raises every person involved to an equal level of respect for the important role they place in crafting these interiors. When the team at Miller Interior Design fosters an environment of dignity, enthusiasm, joy for life, integrity, and kindness, the artisans and craftspeople cannot wait to dive in and give their very best. From the most ideal circumstances to the least ideal, Miller Interior Design strives to see the beauty in the adventure, inspiring innovation and camaraderie with undying dedication to the successful completion of every project it works on. Despite the havoc and chaos that 2020 has brought for many businesses, the timing could not be more perfect for Miller Interior Design to find great success and expansion. The world has changed dramatically since the emergence of COVID-19 into countries everywhere, and it has forced many people to stay at home and re-evaluate the spaces that they are living and working in every day. Back when Mr Miller started in the industry, he worked primarily in healthcare where he was responsible for designing powerful environments where chaotic healing often takes place. Working in this way was an excellent foundation for Mr Miller to build his passion for serving families in private retreats and vacation homes. Now, everyone is looking to get away following the effects of COVID-19, and the wealthy are looking to take advantage of luxury holiday homes. As a result, Miller Interior Design is focused on creating ever-more challenging dynamics for autonomy and wellbeing. In these peculiar times, the firm is busier than ever in creating truly luxurious and outstandingly well- furnished interiors, and is not taking the time to look back. As has already been mentioned, people are staying at home and workplaces are becoming home-based like never before. Mr Miller, as well as his background and experience in healthcare, has a foundational knowledge in commercial office interiors, and this positions him perfectly to help families adjust their home life experience to accommodate work and school in a residential setting. More and more projects that Miller Interior Design are taking on have shown an increased level of adaptation to home designs that leverage important compartments to minimize distractions at home whilst working. Much like many other industries and sectors around the world, the work of luxury interior designers such as Miller Interior Design is subject to changes, trends, and unique elements. However, what stands Miller Interior Design apart from its competitors and others in the industry is the fact that the firm thrives in singularity. What is perfect for one client is then immediately off the table for any other clients, and the firm ensures that whatever it creates for one client is then rarely duplicated for anyone else. With Mr Miller’s acumen for complexity and variety, anything in the world can serve as