Spring 2022

Sep21714 Nature Knows Best The story of Earth’s Kitchen is one founded on the principle of nature knowing best. Through the use of powerful natural ingredients and recipes, this incredible firm has changed lives around the world. Recognised in LUXlife’s 2021's Leaders in Luxury Awards as 2021's Most Trusted Natural Sunscreen Brand - New Zealand, we thought it time to dig a little deeper into the secrets of their tremendous success. The words Earth’s Kitchen brings certain images to mind. For some, a vision of greenery in which we share only a small part. For others, the idea of nature in all its wisdom and variety all together. For the team behind Earth’s Kitchen’s amazing skincare brand, the focus has always been on harnessing the incredible power of the natural world, into treatments that can have an incredible impact on the way in which we live. At the heart of Earth’s Kitchen is founder Jules Bright. Jules first discovered the immense potential of natural solutions while living in India. Her promising nursing career came to a crashing halt after a motorcycle accident. It was the locals who oversaw her recovery, using techniques and remedies passed down for generations. It was an experience that few would forget, but Jules was transformed. She needed to share the wisdom she had gained and uncover the knowledge that had been gathered by indigenous cultures around the world. So, she went on walkabout, spending years immersed in such diverse landscapes, cultures, ancient traditions and alchemy – learning timeless practices successful to this day. Her travels saw her gain triple diplomas in Naturopathy, Body Therapy and Medical Herbalism and then opening her own clinic and laboratory. It was here that the journey of Earth’s Kitchen really began, with Jules formulating and perfecting her own natural sunscreen. To her, it was clear that modern skincare primarily focused on the use of synthetic ingredients that simply don’t do our bodies or our planet any good, in fact, they largely create significant damage. Her answer to this challenge is one which leverages technology to get the most out of what nature has to offer. With no parabens, no artificial fragrances, no petrochemicals and no titanium dioxide, no nasties; the range from Earth’s Kitchen really stands out. Their aim is avoid nasties and deliver great results. Earth’s Kitchen’s impressive range of products was the world’s first BioGro's NATRUE certified natural sunscreen SPF50. It carries the Certified Natural label, authorised by Natrue, giving total satisfaction that when you buy one of these amazing products, you’re buying something that meets global certification standards for sustainability. The pioneering nature of Earth’s Kitchen reflects the incredible dedication shown since those early days by people like Jules, and the demand for it now shows how right she was to keep on pushing in those early days, beyond the status quo. The journey from an accident in India to a world-leading pioneer in the skincare industry is one which has seen an incredible period of change. Over 20 years and 16 global awards later, the team have taken the time to perfect their formulas so that your skin is protected and nourished in equal measure. The determination to offer this as a natural solution allows them to stand apart from the crowd. We celebrate the tremendous success of these beautiful products and look forward to seeing what more delights will come from Earth’s Kitchen in the future. Some of the most recent awards include, Gold winner for Best Ethical Product, Gold for Best New Product and Silver for Best Plant Based Product in all categories. Company: Earth’s Kitchen Name: Jules Bright Email: [email protected] Web Address: https://eksunscreen.com