Spring 2022

13 Jan22466 Architecture in Harmony with Nature Limassol-based architect, CSS & Associates, is our Leading Sustainable Architecture Practice, 2022. With over 30 years’ experience in its field, CSS & Associates specialises in combining traditional values, with contemporary design, sustainability and functionality. Company founder, Stelios Stylianides let us into the secrets of the firm’s success. In 1991, CSS & Associates opened its architecture office, since then the family-owned business has completed over 1000 projects. Each of which has added to the expertise and experience of the firm. CSS & Associates works with a wide variety of clients on an even wider variety of projects. From a simple extension to an existing private dwelling to a whole new apartment building, from public service buildings such as offices and schools to warehouses. The company treats every project with the same care and commitment. Stelios tells us, “We carefully consider engineering, functionality and aesthetics in all our projects. And we always respect sustainable architecture best practices. Every project is different and we ensure we find customised solutions that correspond to our client's individual requirements.” The company provides a wide range of services under the umbrellas of architecture, consulting and engineering. CSS & Associates researches and implements new trends such as passive building design. And, with its partners, has also advised in the role of Urban Design Expert in the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan, participating in Europe-wide programs on the subject. CSS & Associates distinguishes itself in the market by its integrated approach to every project and the importance the company puts on its client relationships. “The rapport we develop with our clients goes way beyond the narrow framework of ‘provider-client’. We never consider a project as finished. We are by our client’s side from the moment they first come to our office, throughout the design, construction and delivery process. And we’re there afterwards too. For us, the relationship never ends. We have a special bond with each building. They may need more attention and care as the years go by and we’ll be there to help and advise.” CSS & Associates employs a team of staff made up of architects, civil engineers and designers. Stelios adds, “We’re a family company. We make sure all our team members feel part of the family. The whole team knows that if the company is doing well, each of them is doing well too. Everyone takes part in the decisions and realisation of every project. The good atmosphere is one of the main reasons for our success over the years. When we design a house we think of it as a home we are creating for our own family. This is why the relationships we develop with our clients feel more personal too.” Besides its full-time staff, the firm also calls upon its expert network of external electrical and mechanical engineers, topographers and quantity surveyors to work on its projects. All the company’s associates share its vision and commitment to the highest levels of expertise and professional standards. When we ask if there’s anything else he’d like us to mention, Stelios says, “I’d like to add that no one in the team considers architecture as a profession. A profession is what you do to make a living. We are architects because it gives us pleasure. It satisfies us. It relaxes us. We’ve managed to make our profession out of our hobby.” Of course, with that said, there’s only one plan for the future and that’s to keep going. Contact: Stelios Stylianides Company: CSS & ASSOCIATES LLC Web Address: www.css-architects.com