Spring 2022

16 Dec21054 Best Bespoke Fine Jewellery Experts 2021 In the heart of downtown Auckland, NZ, is the workshop of Gary Meaden, Owner and Head Jeweller at Meaden Master Jewellers. Gary and his team specialise in creating sustainable fine jewellery to customers specifications. The internationally acclaimed jeweller is renowned for the excellence of his craftsmanship and design. We speak to Gary to find out more. As a son of a master jeweller; Gary developed a love of fine jewellery at a young age. A career in London at the Graff Diamonds honed his craft to earn an international reputation as an outstanding Master Jeweller for over 40 years. Along with his vast experience, Gary heads a highly skilled and innovative team at Meaden Master Jewellers. His client list includes young couples to celebrities, making Meaden Master Jeweller is the ideal choice for accessible luxurious custom design jewellery. “At Meaden, we create fine jewellery that inspires love and beauty. Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. Our speciality is taking an idea from conception through design to creation. We handpick our gems to ensure we get the best value and finest quality.” -Gary Meaden. Dedicated to providing the best service and quality, Meaden has built long-term collaborative relationships with clients and suppliers and business partners alike. Clients range from young couples in love to royal families and celebrities. Meaden also works with corporate clients such as British Airways and the Williams F1 team. All the company’s jewellery pieces are made in Auckland by Meaden’s team of skilled artisans, goldsmiths and gemstone setters. Gary says, “Our international contact list has been some 40 years in the making. It gives us access to the rarest stones. Coupled with our use of the latest technology, it has gained us a reputation as the ‘Jeweller’s Jeweller’. Meaden has become the go-to company for bespoke and ‘impossible’ designs.” Indeed, Meaden was one of the first companies in New Zealand to adopt CAD in its design processes. Producing high-quality ‘photorealistic’ renders during the design process enables the company to involve the client; in visualising the finished piece. Customers have a chance to try on their design for size and make any last adjustment with CAD waxes resin prototypes, an exemplary step before the items are committed to the final design. Gary explains, “Our new 8k resin printer has increased accuracy and improved symmetry. It allows us to make any final adjustments before we craft the piece.” Not only that, but CAD waxes also reduce turnaround times in manufacture. Less metal waste, making the process much more cost-effective than traditional methods. Unsurprisingly, Meaden stands out as an industry leader in this field. Another speciality of Meaden is lab-grown diamonds. This ethical and eco-friendly alternative to mined diamonds has seen a swift rise in popularity. Although significantly more affordable, it’s impossible to separate the lab-grown gems from their traditional cousins by the naked eye. They have the same chemical characteristics too. Gary handpicks all Meaden’s diamonds himself to ensure consistency and quality. Meaden has become known as an expert designer, and maker of luxury bespoke engagement rings in recent years. With this in mind, the company has decided to pivot from its B2B model to focus on consumer retail. To see Meaden’s masterpieces for yourself or find out more, visit the company website. Contact: Gary Meaden Company: Meaden Master Jewellers Web Address: www.meaden.co