Spring 2022

21 Dec21148 The Home Of Indian Groceries When it comes to finding authentic tastes of other cultures in the UK, there is no finer place to turn than the team at Quality Foods Online. For years the Quality Foods stores have been the leading name in the field offering a range of food that celebrates all that Asia has to offer. In the LUXlife Food and Drink Awards 2021, the team were awarded the title of Best Indian Grocery Store & Online Supermarket – London. We dig a little deeper to discover more. The UK is proud to host people from a range of different backgrounds, each with unique cultures and tastes at the heart of who they are. Finding places that can bring the finest of what these different ways of life have to offer to the table is no mean feat, but it is one which the team at Quality Foods Online has been determined to deliver. Their goods encompass the breadth of what Indian cuisine has to offer. When the firm first opened its doors, it was to fill a gap in the market. The Quality Foods Online team, led by Shyam & Krishan Sedani, had a vision to further expand their existing family business Quality Foods which has multiple branches across East and West London. Their food is gorgeously authentic, with shelves stocked with fresh fruit and vegetables and a host of delightful Asian groceries. The demand for these incredible products has not only allowed for the growth of inperson stores, but other areas of the retail market too. There were very few places providing online Indian groceries and an increasing number of individuals wanting to shop online. This desire to shop for Asian groceries online become a necessity when the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the globe. It was much more difficult to find the ideal, fresh solutions that many had become accustomed to. Quality Foods Online was the solution, and it has grown to meet the needs of the team’s customers as the situation has grown and developed. Now, two years on, Quality Foods Online remains a remarkable success that is still growing to this day. The secret of the team’s triumph both in person and online is due to an awareness of what people want. They always deliver exceptional customer service that is focused on the value given. High quality products at competitive prices has ensured customer loyalty which is reflected in the number of repeat orders they receive. It is not always easy to ensure customer satisfaction, but the team at Quality Foods Online are committed to delivering excellent customer service and go over and beyond to ensure every customer has an enjoyable experience shopping with them. Any issues which may arise are resolved in a timely, diligent manner which is reflected in the multiple positive reviews they receive on Trust Pilot. The growth of Quality Foods from a locally based supermarket to one which has a significant online presence nationwide is one which was accelerated by the pandemic, but it is one which has allowed for incredible expansion that has served the needs of the community through difficult times. Establishing a new business in the middle of a pandemic is a challenge for any organisation, but the Quality Foods Online team have made it look easy. For them, the future holds the prospect of expanding into new product lines, special offers and promotions to draw in a new audience. The success of the team at Quality Foods Online is a credit to their hard work and diligence. Through a challenging period, they have not only survived but thrived. For many within the United Kingdom, this team offers delectable delicacies that cannot be found anywhere else. Their standard continues to astonish, having an incredible impact on those in the local Indian and wider communities. We celebrate their success over the last few years and look forward to them serving their customers for years to come. Company: Quality Foods Online Name: Krishan Sedani, Shyam Sedani Email:[email protected], Shyam [email protected]