Spring 2022

22 Feb22298 Integrating Art with Innovative Concepts Chains Interior is a professional interior design firm specialising in high-end projects. LUXlife’s winner of 2022’s Best High-End Interior Design Firm – Taiwan award, it is adept at integrating art with innovative concepts that draw on a diverse range of materials and colours to create beautifully customised living spaces for individual clients. Chains Interior breaks the market formula and advocates “postmannerism”, because it believes that design should not be restrained by style, but challenge past creativities and subvert existing forms and ideas. As such, it focuses on the comprehensiveness and fluidity of concepts. The firm’s current projects include high-end residences, luxurious villas, recreational clubs, office buildings, model homes, medical spaces, and more. At the same time, it actively seeks the opportunity to delve into a diverse range of projects. In addition to its design department, Chains Interior has a 3D effect department which creates space renderings and animations, so that space planning is visualised prior to construction work. The interior decoration department provides comprehensive consultation service in purchases, schemes to incorporate the most suitable furnishings, while meticulously integrating materials, artistic conception, functionality, client’s personality, and even feng shui considerations to invent a unique ambience for each project. An integral part of Chains Interiors’ practice is sustainability; therefore it provides not only the most professional and original planning consulting services, but also follow-on support after its customers move into their spaces to ensure their aesthetics experience and quality of the living space consistently remain at the highest standard. Internally, Chains Interiors adheres to the management methods that value division of labour, which allows its talents to excel in their expertise while at the same time collaborating as a coherent team. The firm has strived to embrace challenges since its inception, thus always pushing boundaries through innovation and creativity. The COVID-19 pandemic has been one of said challenges, where the team wasn’t allowed to go to the site of overseas projects to supervise at the scene. The only way to confirm the status of a project was to discuss through online meetings. Fortunately, it is a complete and strong working team, and although there was no way to reach the site, they could still communicate with the local constructions teams through 3D simulation technology, ensuring clients were satisfied with the final result. Now focused on the future, Chains Interiors, under Design Director, Leon Chen’s leadership will aim to inspire its prospective clients with new ideas and heart-warming case studies. Also, it will be promoting art through various projects in order to aspire to higher stands of aesthetics and quality. Company: Chains Interior Contact: Lily Hsiao Email: [email protected] Website: www.chainsinterior.com