Spring 2022

24 Tricks Of The Travel Trade! Jan22125 True luxury travel means being able to manage the ways in which people move across borders with increasing ease. This is an enormous challenge for airlines around the world, but one which the team at Paxport Group have been able to meet head-on. In LUXlife’s Travel and Tourism Awards 2022, the team were named Best Global Digital Travel Solutions Provider 2022 – a credit to their years of industry expertise. We dig a little deeper to discover more about this iconic organisation. When it comes to an approach which champions innovation and cuttingedge solutions, you could certainly do worse than turn to Paxport Group. Since first opening their doors in 1994, the team have been leading the way when it comes to coming up with the travel solutions that guarantee true luxury travel. They are the power behind the airlines, making sure your trips to destinations far and wide are completed in as seamless a manner as possible. Based in Sweden and the UK, the Paxport team has built a strong reputation within the travel industry for its ability to improve the passenger experience using modern digital technology. The team is trusted by more than 80 airlines and 250 travel resellers in Europe to deliver exceptional services including Tui, Air Malta and Der Touristik. Working alongside these airlines, tour operators and travel agents, the team have smoothed the travel process. This achievement has been due in no small part to the strength of the team’s proprietary products. These products cover the length and breadth of the travel industry, strengthening brands, transforming payments and offering an efficient airline passenger management system which ensures a smooth process for all those travelling. The impressive portfolio of products on offer from Paxport have kept the team in demand for nearly thirty years. Over the years, the team have developed their offerings to keep pace with the latest technological developments. Now, their solutions are based within the cloud, as well as offering sourcing services where required. The challenges involved in travel are constantly increasing, particularly post-COVID. To meet the difficulties of the day, it pays to depend on a team with a strong track record of increasing travel content, adding revenue and reducing costs. The eye for development that has driven the Paxport team forward is what has allowed them to build up a staff that can compete with the best of the best. Paxport is made of people who are driven and dedicated to continually pushing forward into new lines of excellence. They have gone a long way to developing the one-of-a-kind team spirit that goes into every product that the team offers. There cannot be many organisations which have built a reputation of innovation that stretches back to 1994. In many ways, it shows the strength of what the team have to offer, as they effortlessly adapt to the needs of a new century with a whole new set of challenges to be faced when it comes to travel. Many will not have heard of Paxport, but their efforts have been invaluable to many within the industry. Such success is something which cannot be ignored. We celebrate their achievement and look forward to the way in which they will continue to revolutionise the way we travel for years to come. Company: Paxport Group Name: Hanna Bergh Email: [email protected] Web Address: https://www.paxport.com/