Spring 2022

25 Jan22005 Winery of theYear - Vila Real District The ancestral Quinta da Avessada (Quinta) is located on the vineyard plateau of Favaios, in the centre of the Douro demarcated region. At an altitude of 600 metres and with 1,000 hectares of planted area, this is the highest and flattest point of the region – a vast territory in which 90% of the vineyard is cultivated with the Moscatel Galego variety; the one that gives rise to the Moscatel de Favaios. With 160 years of existence, Quinta da Avessada embraces the traditions and legacy of the ancestors who have passed through it. It was the first farm in the region to plant the Moscatel Galego variety and subsequently produced the Moscatel de Favaios. From Marquês de Pombal to Dona Antónia passing through the Barão de Forrester, many are the personalities who contributed to the stories the community has to tell. Built mostly with native materials (wood and shale), Quinta immerses itself in the landscape as if it were a part of it; a vineyard that merges on the horizon with the sky and distant mountains. This space belonged to the Barros family for six generations and it is there that Quinta applies the latest robotic technology to better explain the entire winemaking process to its visitors – to talk about its traditions and share its wine secrets. The winemaking processes are remembered through ethnographic representations and photographs that illustrate the different periods related to Douro wine and vineyards. Robots and mannequins simulate, for example, the traditional treading of grapes, along with information shown on plasmas and touch screens about all the wines on display at the wine cellar. This provides an interactive and engaging experience for all who visit. Next, in the ageing and tasting room, the carefully selected nectars produced by the adherents of this project are tasted. Through the stimulation of the senses, Quinta intends to make known to those who visit the unique “modus vivendis” of its people. Quinta provides the first interactive enoteca in Europe, with its a playful, dynamic and interactive offering, which portrays the local history, way of life and customs in a unique way, transporting the visitor to an ancestral time. Speaking about Quinta’s success within the LUXlife’s Travel and Tourism Awards 2022, Luis Alexandre Barros said, “We feel honoured to receive this award that means our effort is being recognised. Thank you so much for all your support.” Company: Enoteca Douro - Quinta da Avessada Contact: Luis Alexandre Barros Email: [email protected] Website: www.enotecadouro.com