Spring 2022

26 Jan22003 Three Decades of Luxury Interior Design & Remodeling Effortlessly combining a plethora of styles, Dorian DeHaan, with her company Dorian DeHaan Interior Design, Kitchens & Remodeling, has carved a name for herself within the interior design and remodeling industry. Indeed, boasting an impressive portfolio and a wealth of design experience, she and her company have left its mark on the industry through its involvement with valued publications and television appearances. Adding 2022's Award for Excellence in Interior Design & Remodeling Services - New York to its collection, the company is destined for continued success Quality is at the epicenter of Dorian DeHaan Interior Design, Kitchens & Remodeling, founded by Dorian DeHaan, a New York State Certified Interior Designer. She holds two degrees, one in interior design and one in architecture, from the prestigious Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. Since her company’s establishment, Dorian has been building an excellent reputation in what could be deemed as a ‘man’s world.’ Serving as a whole home designer, remodeler, and general contractor, with a specialization in kitchen and bathroom remodeling, Dorian captures the essence of luxury within her bespoke designs. From carrying her own cabinet line to providing 3D renderings, Dorian DeHaan Interior Design, Kitchens & Remodeling is simply a one-stopshop for exquisite interior design. As a licensed interior designer with over 36 years of experience, clients benefit from Dorian’s abundance of expertise, industry knowledge, and experience. Furthermore, her studies in Italy have deeply enhanced her style, drawing her towards architectural classicism which consequently infuses her design aesthetic. However, this is not the extent of her exploits – she has been featured in numerous luxury and home publications and has even filmed with Home & Garden Television (HGTV). Combining classicism with contemporary elements, Dorian seamlessly forges a bond between current trends and timelessness. The client’s own tastes become a part of the unique nature of the final design composition. Therefore, it is through this collaboration that Dorian has repeatedly created aesthetically pleasing residential interiors. Be it an entire home, or parts of a home like the kitchen and bathrooms, Dorian is equipped to transform the area into a home to be proud of. While the design industry is filled with exceptional female designers like Dorian, it is rare to find a woman at the helm of a design and build remodeling firm. And it is not common to find female general contractors who manage their own construction teams. With more women than men opting to study interior design at a higher level, the general contracting, construction management, and remodeling sector of the industry consistently sways towards men. For example, men are more likely to be recognized for their contributions to the industry, as over the past 40 years, 65% of the Contract Designer of the Year winners have been male. Additionally, over the course of the past 30 years, 75% of the Interior Design Hall of Fame members have been male. To further put things into perspective, according to research analysts, the worldwide interior design market was worth $150.7 billion US dollars in 2020. Similarly, the remodeling market surpassed a value of 3.8 trillion. Henceforth, this makes Dorian’s accomplishments all the more notable. Surviving in an industry primarily represented by men is an incredibly difficult feat, particularly when the exceptional talents of many women are being overlooked. As a certified member of numerous organizations, including the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), the American Institute of Architects (AIA), and the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), Dorian has pushed through the limitations set by the patriarchal structure of the industry. In addition, she has served as the Chairwoman of the Interior Design Board within the New York State Board of Education. Of course, this success is simply a testament to Dorian’s skill, qualifications, dedication and overall perseverance. It takes a great amount of work and discipline to achieve all that she has, particularly when faced with the daunting task of delving into a male dominated space. It is abundantly clear why Dorian DeHaan and her firm, Dorian DeHaan Interior Design, Kitchens & Remodeling has received the accolades, titles, and credentials that it has. As a female-owned business that has consistently produced high-quality results over multiple decades, Dorian, as well as her design and remodeling firm, should be celebrated. Contact: Dorian DeHaan Company: Dorian DeHaan Interior Design, Kitchen & Remodeling Web Address: https://www.doriandehaan.com/