Spring 2022

30 Dec21295 Simply Beautiful Based in Poland, Skin Loop is a personalised anti-acne programme developed by leading experts in dermatology and supported by artificial intelligence. We profile the company in the wake of it being recognised in the LUXlife Awards as 2022’s Best Skincare Brand for Acne-Prone Skin – Poland. Acne is a skin condition which most of us will experience at some point in our lifetimes, most typically during our teenage years as our hormones change. Usually, acne is relatively mild and disappears as we get older. However for some, acne is so severe that it continues into the adult years and can have serious consequences for sufferers. There is no single treatment for acne and Skin Loop believes that the basis of an effective treatment is getting to know a patient’s skin in-depth. On this basis, its expert team of dermatologists can then develop individual product formulas that meet an individual’s needs and prepare comprehensive recommendations to effectively fight acne and its recurrences. Based purely online, Skin Loop’s solution cuts out the middleman meaning that there is no travelling to the doctor’s surgery and waiting for answers. Within a few days of taking part in the initial online assessment, participants will receive their first Skin Loop package with detailed recommendations on how to use the products within. The expert team will also change treatments as they progress if needed. As well as this, a team of nutrition and healthy lifestyle specialists will develop recommendations to help the fight against acne, and the entire Skin Loop team will be with patients at every stage of the treatment. Taking into account the recommendation of Polish and European dermatological societies and the practice of our experts, Skin Loop has divided its programme into three stages. The first step is called liquidation of changes. In the case of intermediate and advanced forms of acne, at this stage Skin Loop focuses on the elimination of inflammation, including the reduction of nodules and cysts. In the case of non-inflammatory conditions (for example comedones and papules) the aim of the programme is to restore the proper state of epidermal proliferation and regulate the level of sebum secretion. The next step is rebalancing and reconstruction. It is at this stage of the programme that the focus switches to the elimination of acne scars and discoloration, elimination of other non-inflammatory changes and restoration of the balance of sebum secretion, and the reconstruction of the hydro-lipid coat. It is also the stage in which skin regains its healthy colour once again. Finally, there is the consolidation of effects and prevention of recurrence step. At this stage, the programme introduces preparations to skin care that will preserve the effects of previous treatments, restore a healthy glow and balance a patient’s skin to prevent acne recurrence. That is why, every single month, Skin Loop clients will receive a full set of necessary preparations tailored to the current needs of their skin, which includes medical preparation and dermatological care based on cleansing, balancing, correcting, prevention and security. Recently, Skin Loop was named in the LUXlife Awards and received the accolade of Best Skincare Brand for Acne-Prone Skin – Poland. This award is testament to the commitment and dedication of the entire Skin Loop team and it’s safe to say that, much like our skin, the future is looking bright! Company: Skin Loop Web Address: www.skinloop.pl