Spring 2022

34 Nov21264 Ethical Fast Food Restaurant of theYear 2021 – Asia Pacific Offering a dining experience like no other, Lord of the Fries was born out of the frustration of two chiplovers who set out on a voyage of discovery and ended up creating an eating extravaganza for the ethically aware fast food fan! We profile the firm and its incredible journey as it is named in the LUXlife Awards for its excellent service, food, and attitude. With restaurants and outlets throughout Australia and New Zealand, Lord of the Fries is renowned for its delicious, nutritious and wholly plant-based menu. The brainchild of Toronto-based Mandy and Melbourne-bred Mark, who incidentally met in Taiwan, Lord of the Fries was born out of the pair’s shared love for the humble, tasty, chipped potato and their disdain for frozen chemical imitations. Together they embarked on a journey to explore how to create the perfect fry and, in doing so, created a strong, successful brand and launching a vegetarian fast food revolution! The couple sought fresh potatoes, thick (but not too thick), crispy (but not too crunchy), but definitely delicious and saucy. The mission began in 2004 when Mandy and Mark bought a mobile chip van and began traveling around the country serving up golden, crunchy, fries in a cone, with homemade sauces, all inspired by flavours found across the globe – and people rejoiced. Here was a fry that was not drowned in beef fat and loaded with gluten, not cooked in cheap oil which smells disgusting, not smothered in watered down tomato sauce, or left to ‘stay warm’ on a hot plate or under a heat lamp. By 2005, the pair were well-known and put down their roots in the heart of Melbourne with their first restaurant. Today, there are many franchises across country and, with new locations popping up all the time, Lord of the Fries continues to spread the good word about its delicious food. The menu has also expanded. The perfect fries still remain at the top of the list but have been joined by a raft of veggie and vegan delights, including Veggie Burgers, Onion Rings, Vegetarian Nuggets and Vegetarian Hot Dogs. And as they say, the proof is in the pudding and being named Ethical Fast Food Brand of the Year 2021 – Asia Pacific was the icing on the cake (or the dollop of sauce on the fry!) for Mandy and Mark, who will continue to go forth with their courageous battle cry: “The Lord is Vegan, Kosher and Halal – she is inclusive as can be and loves everyone!” Company: Lord of the Fries Web Address: www.lordofthefries.com.au