Spring 2022

37 Dec21116 Building Our Futures With more than 35 years of strong architectural experience, it’s no wonder PPF Goujon Architectes, based in France, is award-winning time and again. We find out more about the company, and its Co-Founder Pascal Goujon, in the wake of it being bestowed with yet another prestigious accolade of 2022’s Leading Luxury Residential Architecture Practice - France Owned and operated by Francine and Pascal Goujon, PPF Goujon Architectes has specialised in providing contemporary residential architecture design services and since 1985, the dedicated team has worked on various projects including residential, office, media stores, public schools, private estates and villas, in many countries across the world, including France, United States of America, Ireland, UK, Spain, South Africa and Germany. The firm has offices in both France and in the US. Pascal very much followed in his father’s footsteps as he was also an architect and had a huge influence on the career path that Pascal chose, however both he and Francine have strong architectural backgrounds and, above all, a combined passion for creativity. When it comes to finding inspiration, Pascal tells us that both he and Francine share a love of travel and a desire to visit and walk new places. But when it comes to his design work, Pascal prefers to take inspiration from the place he is working on and its direct environment, including the way the space flows and the lighting. For all of its life, PPF Goujon Architectes has been producing the best for a wide variety of clients and intricate projects around the world. Things haven’t changed with regards to its attitude and values – that of the highest respect for clients and that of hard work with everything that it does – these things have meant that it has rolled with the times and adapted through every industry trend throughout its lifetime. For example, the creation of smart spaces – that include the installation and use of smart technologies – has increased in more recent years. PPF Goujon Architectes has been on top of industry trends such as this. And with that, it has formed a long-term relationship with all kinds of clients and their projects. With many prestigious awards over the years, Pascal and Francine were understandably delighted with the latest accolade of 2022’s Leading Luxury Residential Architecture Practice – France, as awarded by LUXlife magazine. Contact: Pascal Goujon Company: PPF Goujon Architectes Web Address: www.ppfgoujon.net