Spring 2022

38 Dec21719 Rich Getaways For Relaxation Based in Bucharest, Romania, Snagov Club is a luxury hotel and getaway business with a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and experience behind it – making it the number one choice for many in the world. We find out more in the wake of the firm being rewarded for its dedication and hard work with a LUXlife Award as it wins 2022’s Award for Excellence in Luxury Accommodation – Romania. Celebrating its 15 years’ of experience, Snagov Club has developed a solid reputation and benefits from strong customer and supplier relationships, collaborative contracts with other trusted companies, and partnerships with public authorities. Providing a range of luxurious locations and services, Snagov Club is renowned in the hospitality industry for its illustrious creations. Only 20 minutes away from Bucharest, Snagov Club is your beautiful getaway haven that has been described as a ‘fun paradise and your relaxation oasis at the same time’. With both Romanian guest as well as guests from over 100 countries around the globe, Snagov welcomes everyone with open arms. Its beautiful pool bar, great music, SPA center, three restaurant salons, a lake pavilion, a pier, a generous garden, seasoned professionals delivering a unique experience daily, and fabulous rooms will change the way you see hotels forever. With pristine decoration, functional rooms, and excellent service you can enjoy every moment you spend there. Nestled in the Snagov Lake Natural Reserve. Snagov Club is everything you need to unwind and rest in a heavenly location surrounded by natural wonders. And whilst the luxury accommodation market is currently very competitive, through its proactive approach, Snagov Club offers a wide and complete range of services that have positioned it in the top tier of Romanian companies within this sector. The opulent business was recently recognised in the LUXlife Awards for its work on modernising the five-star Snagov Club – a luxury hotel complex that will leave its guests feeling comfortable and at peace. The luxury hotel industry – around the world – has grown exponentially in recent years. Even with Covid-19 on the rise, luxury hotels have been flourishing whenever they have been allowed to be open. They have done this by sticking to strict guidelines and keeping the hotels at a high standard for quality, cleanliness, and respect for customers. Overall, the industry has been sky-rocketing since they have been allowed to open to full capacity again. Snagov’s plan is to get back on track and even surpass its success of 2019 before the pandemic hit. Snagov Club has been in demand for a lot of customers that come from all around the globe. With its beautiful decorations, amazing amenities, and lavish location, Snagov Club has changed the way we see luxury hotels. Not only does it offer an incredible stay for its customers, but it also provides everything they need – all within the walls or just in reach. Company: Hotel Snagov Club Web Address: www.snagovclub.ro