Spring 2022

41 Feb22051 Contemporary Living For Luxury Lifestyles For over 30 years, the team behind Franzina Partners Architecture have been able to secure unprecedented success. Their gradual expansion to serve clients around the world is a credit to a drive and tenacity that seldom found within the industry. In 2022’s Leading Designer Awards from LUXlife, the team were given 2022's Award for Excellence in Innovation – Italy. We take a closer look to discover more about how precisely they did it. In 1991, Michele Franzina opened up Franzina Partners Architecture. Now, three decades later, it has secured its position in the architectural sector, specialising in residential and hospitality buildings worldwide. At the heart of every project is an incredible range of skills surrounding the facets of architecture, planning and interior design worldwide. No matter what is required, this is a team that consistently deliver. The strength of Franzina Partners Architecture comes from their multifunctional team. Forty different people, a heady mix of architects, engineers, designers and managers, provide the invaluable support that makes their clients’ dreams possible. As they are able to offer an endto-end service, they have been able to provide a smooth operation from start to finish. As every project is unique, each brings the opportunity for the team to test a solution that they have never used before. The approach which champions the bespoke response is one which has served the team well over the years. This has ensured that their designs remain fresh and contemporary. It also provides a guarantee to clients that, no matter what they ask, the response from the team will be something that can be constructed. From the moment of conception, a Franzina Partners Architecture project is designed to be completed. There are no major logistical hurdles to overcome, or new systems to create from scratch. This does not mean that the approach isn’t innovative, however. It actually depends on a process of continual reprocessing. Every single idea is inserted into a system that is constantly considering the best way forward for a project. True luxury comes from finding the most elegant solution to a project. The team works collaboratively to draw out the best way forward, using the various skills of everyone involved in the company to uncover what will work best. The immense flexibility of the Franzina Partners Architecture team, and the high regard with which they are held, is why they have been able to work on projects around the world. Franzina Partners Architecture properties can be seen in America, Europe, Africa and Asia, each carefully adjusted to suit the needs of the specific location and climate whilst delivering a breathtakingly beautiful solution. This merging of the creative and the practical lies at the very core of what the team thrives at doing. The immense popularity of Franzina Partners Architecture is easy to understand. Their beautiful designs bring something new to the table every time, refined to a state where it tells a unique story – the story that their clients want to see. We celebrate their tremendous success, and the astonishing results that their process has brought to life. We cannot wait to see what this incredible team manage next! Company: Franzina Partners Architecture Name: Michele Franzina Email: [email protected]