Spring 2022

43 Feb22238 Eye Of The Beholder Good design is not simply about creating beauty. The best designers know exactly where to stop to accentuate the inherent beauty and provide a deeper meaning to their projects. This is the approach taken by ALTER EGO Project Group. With their work earning them the prestigious title of Most Outstanding Premium Design Agency, 2022 – Italy, in 2022's Leading Designers Awards from LUXlife, we thought it was time to catch up and discover some of the secrets of the team’s incredible success. What does it mean to find your forever home? A home that is not just for you, but for your children and your children’s children. When customers turn to the team at ALTER EGO, they turn to a team that creates legacies. Their projects are for your descendants to appreciate and enjoy, encapsulating not only what you want from life, but combining it with an eye for design that embraces art in every respect. Founded in 2003, this family business has not changed at all since its inception. The values that inspired its greatness have continued to push the team forward. They continue to offer their clients a way of building their own unique style as a form of self-expression. They are determined to find the semantic constant that underpins clients’ dreams and bring them to life. For nearly twenty years, the same core staff have been committed to exploring these ideas and offering clients the benefit of their considerable experience. That’s how Julia D. Lantieri, founder and CEO of the company, describes their method, “We do our best to ensure that our architectural or interior design concepts hit the customer’s wishes on the first try. This is a very ambitious goal, but there is no other way to start working on a complex, unique project.” It is this approach toward work that truly makes ALTER EGO stand out amongst the crowd. Whilst based in Milan, the ALTER EGO team have made it their mission to serve the needs of their clients, no matter where they are in the world. With an international audience, and demand for their services constant since they first opened their doors, the team manages projects around the globe. Digital technologies have transformed this work, allowing the team to communicate with the warmth of real-life communication. Working all over the world and speaking five languages the ALTER EGO team have their ways of connecting with a wide variety of clients – its core values and attitude towards its work has propelled it forward in the industry and it has become a leading business in its trade. As a close-knit team, ALTER EGO has both its clients’ and its staff member’s growth, wishes, and happiness at heart. Working internationally to build the premier properties has required a network of the highest calibre. Every single piece of talent, energy, and experience goes into producing a truly breath-taking project that is the best of the best. And then the team move on and do it all over again. When it comes to making the impossible possible, the ALTER EGO team are old hands. Their approach combines creativity with incredible luxury and more than a dash of technical ability. Over the years, the team have undertaken hundreds of projects – working with famous clients to make their dreams come true. Their success is something to be justly celebrated, now and for many years to come. Company: ALTER EGO Project Group Name: Anna Chincoli Email: [email protected] Website: alterego-group.com