Spring 2022

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 7 Spring 2022 growth and profitability goals. This devotion to excellence has made FirsTime & Co. a leader in the home furnishing ecosystem. FirsTime’s competitive advantage is founded on three key principles: • A youthful, design-driven culture with a focus on high-end refined decor, delivered at reasonable prices • Advanced, deep market analysis, leveraging decades of executive experience within the retail environment • A unique adaptable operational cost structure that provides flexibility and scalability of the company These FirsTime principles have been critical in shaping the organization for continued success – especially during these challenging times of COVID-19, combined with the severe global supply chain cost and availability issues worldwide. Their superb designs, based on sophisticated analysis and delivered using a flexible and scalable cost structure, have enabled them to weather these headwinds. FirsTime & Co. is an industry-leading designer, marketer, and distributor of high-quality home furnishings, designed to inspire customers to express their individual style. Committed to offering best-in-class décor and furniture, the company creates and sells product lines through multiple national retailers and a wide array of leading eCommerce channels. Their global network of manufacturing partners spans from Egypt to Taiwan and includes production in China, India, Vietnam, as well as the United States. Their warehousing and distribution partners enable their products to reach their customers quickly and without damage. FirsTime & Co. works closely with these manufacturing and distribution partners to establish and maintain optimized business practices across the extended enterprise – operating seamlessly and efficiently to give their customers great products, reliable delivery, and reasonable prices. Their diverse, young roster of creative artisans, combined with their unparalleled organizational structure, has set the company up as an industry leader. By developing multiple loyal partnerships with nationally known premier retailers such as Target, Wayfair, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Amazon, they have become a staple in “current yet timeless” home decorations. Consistent attention to quality and service has earned them the trust of the largest national retailers. FirsTime’s broad view of the industry has been honed through 30 years’ experience and a strong presence in the marketplace. They understand the markets comprehensively, and quickly adapt to everchanging retail macro- and micro-climates. Their deep understanding, sophistication and experience enables FirsTime & Co. to recognize and stay ahead of developing trends to effectively sustain a profitable and long-lasting corporation for its customers, employees, and shareholders. The home furnishings industry has changed as homeowners and apartment dwellers have changed. This company's clientele wants to put a unique stamp on their home’s interior that reflects their personal taste as well as their sense of the times – without spending a fortune doing so. “Your father’s department store” just doesn’t cut it anymore. Today’s customers want to shop online, and FirsTime’s expertise enables them to do so very effectively. For the last decade FirsTime & Co has been guided by Christopher D. Bering, Chairman and CEO. Chris leads a strong team of artisan designers and logistics specialists who demonstrate that positive commitment, vision, resilience, and hard work are embedded deeply in the organization. Collectively, the team creates its success through a high-performance culture – it doesn’t just “happen.” FirsTime offers its staff members flexibility and the opportunity to generate fast-paced results and stay ahead of market demands while remaining focused on meeting the organization’s Now, more than ever, customers recognize the need for themselves and their families to reimagine their homes to fit their lifestyle better and express their unique vision. Homes and apartments should be authentically stylish, enticingly comfortable, and filled with meaningful furnishings. Recently, our society has recognized that the home can be so much more than a space to live. It can be a sanctuary for family, an office for work, a cozy place for leisure, and a gathering space for social interaction with friends and relatives – all in one. FirsTime & Co. has confidently shared their style and imagination into the living spaces of their customers – “from the FirsTime family to yours.” Company: FirsTime & Co. Contact: Christopher D. Bering – CEO Email: [email protected] Website: www.firstime.com Video: https://youtu.be/YA-ivZFb-D0