Spring 2022

8 Jan22094 experience while at the same time providing innovative and modern designs for its clients. “We think that the user-centred and innovative design sets us apart from the competition. From the interior architectural design perspective, a sense of belonging is created when someone adapts to a specific location or environment. Therefore, we have adopted biophilic design, sustainable, eco-friendly concepts, interaction and user experience design to provide the environment and process of relevant experience,” explains Eva. Primarily concentrating on its most recent project, Tiffany Design has focused on applying sustainable architectural designs for infectious disease control to nursing homes. The reason for doing so is mainly based on how nursing homes are currently set up. Although there are locations in which individuals are often alone, for example, the bathroom or bedroom, senior individuals often share common spaces such as living, dining and activity areas. Thus, it can promote infection amongst residents, staff and visitors – especially during these uncertain times. Therefore, Tiffany Design has taken special consideration into the use of materials for this project. Eva explains, “…Materials such as antibacterial tiles, plywood, electrical socket plate and even the wall coating that can save energy consumption and antibacterial. In addition, to reduce the use of chemical disinfectants. As we all know, substitute chemicals not only pollute the environment but also endanger health.” In the future, Tiffany Design will be applying and combining the main concepts of environmental protection, sustainable development and interior architectural design of infection disease control going into future projects. Tiffany Design is afoot in Hong Kong’s interior design industry. With collaborative innovation and sustainable practices, the company will continue to push through national barriers and will be a branded name to watch out for internationally. Company Name: Tiffany Design Group Ltd. Contact Name: Eva Chan Web Address: www.tiffanygroup.com.hk Contact Email: [email protected] Founded in 2002, Tiffany Design Group Ltd is more than just a top-tier provider of interior design solutions; but additionally offers results in project management, engineering contractors, garden construction, maintenance, and other related services. The company mainly focuses on residential, retail stores, restaurants, educational institutes, offices and various public and private sectors across China and Hong Kong. The company is renowned for its quality of solution services and designs. Its irrefutable success has come from Tiffany Design’s professional designers and management team, who have won the appreciation and trust of its customers through its high standards of unmatched expertise. Thus, the company has grown steadily since its inception to provide continuously unparalleled services within the interior designing industry. From planning through to the designing process, Tiffany Design takes onboard incredibly amounts of details to ensure its customers can relax and enjoy the services offered as a one-stop service convenience, thoroughly cared for by the members at the company. “Our works have been renowned for the rich colours and refreshing style. With vivid colours bringing a touch of vitality, a relaxing environment enables people to enjoy their lives fully. We believe this philosophy accounts for the incredible popularity of our works,” states interior designer Eva Chan. Currently, the most significant trend within the interior designing industry is that of creating eco-friendly spaces. Thus, Tiffany Design has developed several services based on the concept of sustainable designs, focusing strongly on environmentally conscious architectural and landscape designs, project management, construction and other related products. At Tiffany Design, designers encourage its clients to look into the future and integrate the concept of sustainability towards their indoor and outdoor spaces. While the industry has many fluctuating challenges, the biggest one has been the ongoing effects from the Covid-19 pandemic, which has taken over the industry on a global scale. However, because of this, Tiffany Design was then offered an opportunity in 2021, from an operating organisation that runs nursing homes, to become the primary interior architectural designers and project management consultants on the task. Tiffany Design strongly believes that they were sought out because they are one of the few companies in the industry that can consider user Established over two decades ago in Hong Kong, Tiffany Design Group Ltd is an awardwinning company that delivers wide-ranging interior design solutions. Recognised as the Best Sustainable Interior Project Design Company, Tiffany Design provides highly qualified designers with innovative ideas that create comfortable, fashionable and distinctive designs that meet and surpass customer expectations. Best Sustainable Interior Project Design Company - Hong Kong