Spring 2023

14 Feb23004 Designs for a Better World Established in 2015, Akira Nakagomi Design is a product design company whose activities range from graphics and industrial products to furniture and interior design. The designer embraces new concepts based on the characteristics of materials and varied manufacturing methods to create beautiful designs that stand the test of time. Akira Nakagomi Design is our Most Innovative Decoration Design Firm 2023 - Japan. Based in the new city of Itoshima in Fukuoka, Japan’s western prefecture, Akira Nakagomi Designs is one of the country’s foremost product design companies. Excelling in the area of experimental design, it uses the latest technology and digital tools to create designs that inspire. Designer, Akira Nakagomi has shown an interest in making things ever since he can remember. His father was a carpenter and gave Akira access to tools and his expertise from an early age. Akira combines traditional craftsmanship with the latest technology to create his experimental designs. Being the company’s sole designer, he explains, “I design products with new values by focusing on new combinations of technologies and perspectives, rather than marketingbased design. I’m at my most creative when I come up with fun and interesting ideas. And I always feel a sense of accomplishment and joy at seeing the finished product. A good design for me is something that makes things better. Something that gives more than superficial beauty alone.” Living and working in Japan, Akira’s design ethos is heavily influenced by Japanese culture, in particular the way in which he selects materials and uses them in the simplest, most effective ways. When working with clients, Akira is selective. He says, “First, we interview the client to understand what they want to achieve. Then, we examine whether the goal is feasible and identify any obstacles the client may not be aware of. We then consider the appropriate materials and the essence of the design work. When choosing a designer, instead of selecting someone whose designs you like, listen to the designer’s beliefs. Work with someone you can communicate with easily and who is aligned with your values.” Akira’s philosophy draws influence from his love for the environment, too. Believing that designers should use their skills to create products that will be loved for a long time, he is passionate about reducing waste. To achieve this, he uses 3D printing and AR technologies which also allow him to design with greater complexity and be more flexible with design modifications. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Akira designed his Object Splash Proof partition. After noting that many partitions were not built to last, Akira created a simple configuration featuring a vertical circular acrylic disc supported by a brass rod and cylinder. The aesthetic and functional design received great acclaim, being named Golden Design Award winner 2021 – 2022 Furniture Design Award Category by A’Design Award & Competition. Akira’s plans for the future include focusing on emerging technologies, and exploring the use of natural and recycled materials. Akira Nakagomi Design is committed to developing products with low environmental impact and increasing its level of social contribution. Contact: Akira Nakagomi Company: Akira Nakagomi Design Web Address: www.akiranakagomi.com “Designs are there to enrich our lives,” says Akira. “They stimulate and inspire us and can be treasures to cherish for many years.”