Spring 2024

Spring 2024 | 19 ased in Chicago, USA and Bratislava, Slovak Republic, Salpietra & Gajdos Architects (SAGA) is a prominent architecture and design firm with a passion for providing comprehensive services in architecture, urban design, master planning, and interior design for both private and public sectors. Salpietra & Gajdos Architects, founded in 2012 by Andrej Gajdos and Domenic Salpietra, is an international collaborative network of engineers, designers, and advisors. Andrej and Domenic began working together in 2004, during their post-graduate studies at Graduate School of Design, Harvard University. They started this network to bring together local understanding of needs, cultures, and opportunities of project sites. SAGA operates with the philosophy that design is a cross-disciplinary process. This means it designs and builds based on the needs and environment of its clients. In creating luxury residences, it anticipates the future way of living. It thrives by providing high quality of craft skills, attention to every detail, and a turn-key delivery process throughout the design. SAGA practices strategies that lead towards a symbiosis of client satisfaction and architectural quality, and it is driven by a progressive approach. It remains up-to-date in and prepared for evolving production methods, new design techniques, and technological advancements of the ever-changing building industries. The experts at this architecture and design firm start their projects on a bedrock of precise design, excellent project management, and control over programme and budget. They closely monitor the progression of every project right from its initial concept. The CEO, Andrej Gajdos, believes that “Luxury can be subjective and influenced by personal preferences, cultural values, and societal norms.” Therefore, he and his team exchange intensive dialogue with the clients, contractors, and Salpietra & Gajdos Architects (SAGA) is a collaborative network of designers, consultants, and engineers delivering high quality design and architecture services across the world. It is passionate about producing technologically advanced and sustainable designs, which are both functionally and aesthetically pleasing. Luxury Architecture and Design Firm to Enhance Living Experience consultants to ensure a high quality and personalised home for each of their clients. "Creating bespoke spaces that enrich the human experience." SAGA produces ideas with endless possibilities, concepts with optimal solutions, exclusive and functional designs, and unique environments for each of its clients. Lately, luxury has been closely associated with sustainability and technological advancement, so, Salpietra & Gajdos Architects “strives to involve principles of ‘green design’ while maintaining the financial feasibility of the project”. Furthermore, it aims to implement futuristic designs with highly functional technologies, elevating its clients’ experience to almost an AI level. SAGA was drawn towards the luxury architecture and design sector because it offers international exposure and provides close networking opportunities with clients. All the employees at SAGA are passionate about well-crafted products and innovative, creative designs. Thus, together they developed a strong understanding of the industry, clients’ needs, and the socio-economic and environmental trends. In the near future, SAGA plans to experiment with new and smart materials that will enhance its design and sustainability. It wants to produce an adaptable design that can serve multiple purposes and reflect the evolving needs of the client. It wants to showcase the brand by highlighting its unique strengths and skills. Currently, SAGA is pursuing premium hotel groups in Germany and Austria. It has also begun the construction of a luxury condominium apartment in Slovakia. Additionally, it plans to develop a full “chain concept” of activities in its business, from creating the initial concept, to making it a reality, to all future projects. For its bespoke architecture and design, Salpietra & Gajdos Architects has been crowned as the Best International Architecture & Urban Design Firm 2024 - Czech and Slovak Republic. This particular design and architecture firm knows no bounds, and we look forward to seeing what it does next – especially as it strives to master futuristic designs to meet the evolving needs of people everywhere. Contact: Andrej A.D. Gajdos Company: Salpietra & Gajdos Architects Web Address: https://www.salpietragajdos.com Email: [email protected] B