Spring 2024

Spring 2024| 27 Authentic Lebanese Cuisine Perfect for Everyone Lebanese cuisine is some of the most underrated in the world, and nowhere in London is this full range of diverse smells and tastes on offer in a more accurate and authentic reflection than Chamisse Lebanese Restaurant, which has been operating on Gray’s Inn Road in Central London since its establishment in 2012. This small family business is a hidden gem in the bustling restaurant landscape of England’s capital city, with every dish uniquely prepared and freshly made to ensure the uppermost quality is achieved. Such distinction has led to this business being named as the Best Lebanese Restaurant 2024 – London, and we speak to Rabih Moufarrej for more. The perfect choice for a patron to enjoy an unrivalled dining and cultural experience, Chamisse Lebanese Restaurant boasts an excellent selection of bespoke and tasty dishes that can accommodate almost all dietary needs and requests, from vegetarian and vegan through to halal and cuisine that is perfect for those who love meat. Accompanying this terrific food is an extensive beverage menu that spans terrific wines from the Bekaa region of Lebanon and a choice selection of Lebanese beers and spirits, as well as an array of non-alcoholic drinks and fresh juices. Chamisse possesses a wide-ranging, meticulously crafted menu, but some of its most revered dishes include Batinjan El Rahib - grilled aubergine with lemon, onion, red and green pepper; fresh vines leaves (“wara Inab”) - filled with rice, tomato and parsley cooked in olive oil; sujuk - small spicy lamb sausages cooked in tomato sauce; as well as the establishment’s famed Chamisse mixed grill, which is comprised of chicken and lamb and features cutlets, kofta, and lamb cubes. Freshly grilled halloumi cheese and potatoes coated in spices and finished off with coriander and peppers represent a fresh take on some classics, underscoring that there is truly something for everyone at Chamisse. Not only is the food incredible, but Chamisse ensures that it possesses the atmosphere to match, with restaurant staff that are not only happy and friendly, but as Rabih explains, “make it their mission to make your experience special and pleasant”, whether this be providing a walkthrough of the menu in any of the three languages spoken on the premises or making sure that somebody’s special occasion is celebrated in apt fashion. A luxury experience through and through, this radiates across every element, from the freshest ingredients used in the dishes through to the team striving to uphold a faultless service, peerless customer satisfaction, and taking any and all feedback on board. Unlike other restaurants of its calibre in the region, Chamisse is also proud to offer a business catering service, catering for special events, and even provides takeaway dishes for a variety of online platforms, delivering to all nearby areas. For those extra special celebrations that aim to include all of the family and friends in a terrific, united dining experience, Chamisse can also do the heavy lifting in this department. As Rabih tells us, “we have hosted special celebrations for up to 70 people, which is the capacity of our restaurant”, with each and every guest regardless of age or food preference being afforded an unforgettable experience that is sure to leave them aching to return again. While its luxurious elements are innate and an integral part of the distinction of Chamisse, the very essence of this fantastic restaurant stems from an unwavering dedication to its craft and its status as wholly passionate about providing customers with unrivalled Lebanese food that accurately reflects the country’s heritage. Putting its ethos of continuous improvement into action, Rabih also explains that “Chamisse is planning to refresh its look soon to make the customer more cosy”, demonstrating a commitment to upholding its luxury status by regularly updating its look so as to preserve this unrivalled atmosphere and the experience that stems as a result. One does not simply have to take our word for the prowess of Chamisse Lebanese Restaurant, as its accolades more than do the talking. In 2020 and 2022, it was within the top 10% of traveller’s choice restaurants worldwide according to TripAdvisor, as well as being awarded the title of Best Restaurant in London by Restaurant Critic in 2023, and this is only scratching the surface. In spite of such sustained honours, this family business remains committed to one simple goal, to provide the best Lebanese food in London. Contact: Rabih Moufarrej Company: Chamisse Lebanese Restaurant Web Address: www.chamisse.com