Spring 2024

Spring 2024 | 31 Sound forms an integral part of life’s experiences, contributing immeasurably to our interactions with the world around us and the feelings that stem from them. From the booming sounds of the action in our favourite blockbuster through to the few moments of static before the opening notes of our most-cherished vinyl record, sound is one of the few things that should never be comprised on when it comes to establishing one’s home cinema, music den, man cave, or any other space that deserves the uppermost attention. Celebrated as the Best Home Cinema Systems Manufacturer 2024 – UK, Monitor Audio has spent more than five decades designing and crafting audio excellence. The Unmistakable Sounds of the Cinema, at Home of any TV show of film, all while fitting a wide range of screen sizes and adding a smart, contemporary look to a room. Three different sizes make Monitor Audio’s wall-mounted soundbars the perfect choice for screen sizes 50” and above, complete with a first-class finish and exemplary sound quality. Undoubtedly one of the most impressive offerings from Monitor Audio is Soundframe, a fantastic system that affords a user superior sound quality all while perfectly fitting in with the décor of their home. Also available in three options that are either on or in the wall, these speakers have the added bonus of being able to be fitted with a series of printed grilles, either boasting modern and stylistic artwork or even one’s own photos, creating the sort of flawlessly integrated home cinema experience sought out by entertainment and style lovers everywhere. A series of other in-wall, on-wall, and in-ceiling options are available, as well as weather resistant speakers, amps/streamers, and custom subwoofers, to name just a few. Pioneering such innovation is an ongoing task for the team, and with Monitor Audio having invested considerably in its staff over the decades, the company is today in the enviable position of boasting a management team that possesses hundreds of years of experience between them, stemming from an array of fields aside from just the speaker industry. A shared love of sound and music ties everything together, and on the back of this, the team aim to launch between five and seven new products a year, solidifying their position in the market with fresh, desirable new projects. With physical media seeing somewhat of a resurgence on the back of increased vinyl and 4K/ Blu-Ray sales, as well as the enduring popularity of streaming services following the pandemic, there has never been a better time to invest in Monitor Audio’s speakers, whether for a state-of-the-art home cinema sound system, a music set-up, or anything in between. Contact: Michael Johnson Company: Monitor Audio Web Address: https://www.monitoraudio.com/ hen Mo Iqbal founded Monitor Audio back in 1972, he did so from a small base near Cambridge, working closely with a small group of engineering experts to assemble loudspeakers by hand, ensuring that they adhered to the quality, precision, and as-nearas-makes-no-difference to perfection that the brand is still renowned for more than fifty years later. Now based in Essex, the innovations of the last five decades have all played an equal part in solidifying Monitor Audio as the brand of choice for customers from all over the UK and even further afield. As a spokesperson for the company tells us, “we celebrate the past, but more importantly we learn from it and use it to inform our future.” Independent, agile, and quick to react to the trends of the industry, Monitor Audio is driven by the belief that the ultimate loudspeaker is so accurate when it comes to producing an artist’s intended sound that the results are plain to see, or hear in this case. Aside from these important little details that give the company the edge when it comes to the competition, the physical design of the speaker is also afforded top priority, with offerings that can work harmoniously in any environment and blend seamlessly into the furniture or architecture of a room. With half-a-century of experience to boot, when the company says that its performance, technology, and design all work together, it is hard to argue. The level of choice offered across Monitor Audio’s range of speakers means that the perfect solution is available for a set-up of any size, and from bookshelf to floor standing speakers, soundbars, subwoofers, and even entire systems, a customer is sure to find the right fit for their home. Soundbars are one of the most popular choices for home cinemas, as their compact size and powerful audio measurably aid in the watching W