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Style & Apparel Awards 2022 STYLE & APPAREL LUXlife M A G A Z I N E AWARDS 2022

Sofi Bajor, Senior Editor Phone: +44 (0) 203 970 0018 Website: About the Style & Apparel Awards 2022 LUXlife Magazine is excited to announce the launch of the Style and Apparel Awards 2022! In the years since our inception, LUXlife have been committed to recognising the very best of the Luxury Lifestyle industry, building an extensive catalogue of respected award programmes that cover awide range of categorieswithin this dynamic sector. In 2022, we are proudly introducing our first programme focused solely on the Fashion, Apparel, and Accessories market. Personal luxury goods – encompassing clothing, footwear, jewellery, watches, and eyewear – has been steadily increasing in global revenue over the past decade, with reports suggesting that the segment will continue to demonstrate annual growth of close to 10 percent in the coming years. After taking a major hit during the pandemic, the Fashion industry saw a significant uptake in market value from 2021 onwards, bouncing back with impressive vitality to almost its prior size. Even now that a new cost-of-living crisis is looming, the Clothing and Accessories sector remains resilient, and consumers still have a large appetite for spending in this segment despite many facing growing financial strain in the current economy. The latest figures from the UK show that spending on clothing has increased by a fifth this year compared to 2021, with buying levels higher than pre-pandemic reports!

4. Zoë Rodrigues: Personal Stylist of the Year (UK) 6. The Diamond Box: Best LuxuryWatch Retailer - London 7. The Loft 45: Best Casual Clothing eTailer - Singapore 8. Carl Stuart Tailors: Best Bespoke Menswear Manufacturing Business - Yorkshire 9. Bombshell Bay Swimwear: Most Eco-Friendly Luxury Swimwear Brand - Australia 10. Europa Art Group: Best Designer Apparel & Footwear Company - South Africa 11. Meaden Master Jewellers: Diamond Jewellers of the Year - New Zealand 12. John's Crazy Socks: Most Inspirational Social Enterprise - USA 13. Aquae Jewels: Best Luxury Jewellery eCommerce Company - UAE 14. Solo Eyewear: Best Global Sustainable Eyewear Brand - USA 15. Zadel Jewellery Studio: Jewellery Designing Studio of the Year - British Columbia 16. {in}trigue: Best Upcycled Project Collaboration Company - Singapore 17. PLAITLY: Best Women's Minimalist Jewelry Brand – USA 18. Hermans Eco: Tailor of the Year - Washington DC 19. Outfit Formulas: Most Inclusive Style Community - USA 20. TECH-TAILOR SOLUTIONS PVT LTD: Best Home Visit Tailored Garment Company - Karnataka 21. Taking Shape: Best Global Plus Size Women's Clothing eTailer - UK 22. Angela King Designs: Leading Provider of Cheerleader Uniforms - USA & Sports Fashion Pioneers of the Year - USA Contents

Jun22596 4 | LUXlife Magazine - Style & Apparel Awards 2022 LUXlife Magazine: Let’s start from the top - when did you become fascinated by fashion? Zoë Rodrigues: I’ve been fascinated by fashion for as long as I can remember. I started creating outfits for my Barbie dolls before dressing up my little brother and sister and then my own three children -often begrudgingly. I grew up with very creative parents who had a strong influence on me. My mother was an art teacher and often made clothes for us and herself with the help of a sewing machine and a flair for style - in fact many a pair of flares were produced! My father was an interior designer, so you could say it was in my blood. However, my real fashion icon was my nana, Cecilia. The way she styled herself was amazing - there wasn’t an inch of her that was “granny” like; she was so polished and chic, when I grew up, I wanted to look just like her. As a student I spent a year in Spain, which exposed me to so many new influences. But much later, I spent time in Italy and that’s when my style really changed. I learned so much about fashion and just walking through the streets was a source of inspiration. I think we live in very exciting times and that, whilst there will always be new “trends”, the key is wearing what suits and flatters. I embrace the French approach to really get to knowyour body and how to compliment it. I also like to invest in classic, stylish pieces and update these regularly with a few on-trend items and accessories. LM: Being a personal stylist must seem like a dream come true, but how do you keep apace (or ahead) of trends – essentially, what inspires your work? ZR: I’m inspired by the positive effect clothes can have – to me, they’re the ultimate mood changers, confidence boosters and self-esteem builders. I love what I do, and I think that’s infectious too; I like to make all my sessions inspiring and engaging. With so many styles and options, it can be daunting to know what to wear, my role is to put the fun back into fashion and to help bring out the best in you. Style inspiration is all around us, I currently live in Edinburgh, where I’m so lucky to be part of such an amazingly diverse and cosmopolitan city. I studied art at university, so walking through our fantastic galleries gets the creative juices flowing. LM: How important is it to feel good in what we wear? ZR: Many of us feel conflicted between wanting to dress up and feeling guilty about taking the time to focus on clothes, but how we dress is important. It impacts on our behaviour, confidence, personality and attitude - even the way we interact with each other. Personal Stylist of the Year (UK): Zoë Rodrigues Zoë Rodrigues knows style. As LUXlife’s Personal Stylist of the Year, she embodies the best practices and expert guidance that defines the very best of the industry. Following her well-deserved recognition, we sat down with Zoë to find out more about her inspirations, history, work, and advice for others looking to find success in this incredibly competitive sector of the fashion world. Personally, I cannot overemphasise the power of clothes and their potential to make us feel great. With the risk of sounding like a cliché, we can all look great regardless of our age, size or shape. We’re not clones, and a one style suits all approach just doesn’t work. What does, is finding the right clothes to emphasise your assets and make the bits we’re not so proud of look better - this makes us all feel great. It doesn’t mean waiting to become your ideal self, you can start to feel amazing right now! LM: What is a common mistake we make when dressing? ZR: One of the most common mistakes we’re guilty of is wearing clothes that don’t fit properly - sales are exceptionally bad at encouraging us to do it! Knowing what clothes fit and flatter is key to creating a stylish look. As a wise friend once told me, if the size offends you, just cut off the label. That said, I remember wearing a pair of trousers that I adored, yes, they were too tight, but I squeezed myself into them and off I went to see a client. I sat down and we both heard an almighty rip, thankfully she saw the funny side, and thankfully I’d brought a long coat! LM: How do you decide what works for clients? ZR: I spend time really getting to know really my clients, this is usually during a complimentary face to face consultation. I believe it’s not all about your shape or complexion, your personality and lifestyle are key to creating your unique style; and those aren’t so easily conveyed in an email or photograph. The next step is to tailor the best service or package to meet your needs. Perhaps a face-to face style consultation to really get to grips with the style you would like to portray, this can be followed by your own digital style guide which includes colours, styles and flattering items to purchase at your leisure. Or a wardrobe refresh to reorganise your wardrobe making getting ready a joy rather than a chore, “shopping your wardrobe” with key suggestions of new ways to wear your existing clothes. Personal shopping can then be used to buy accessories, fill any gaps or to create a fresh new wardrobe. We’re all unique and my service is created around you. LM: Let’s talk some more about your founding principles. What are your core values? ZR: By nature, I have an outgoing personality and want my clients to have a professional, engaging, and fun experience. I empathise with all my clients; I understand that we are all unique and there is never a onesize fits all. I'm driven by the desire to help others find their style, change old shopping habits and feel confident in themselves. I want my clients to have their own unique sense of style and feel fabulous in what they

wear. I’m a great believer that how we look on the outside is important as it reflects how we feel on the inside. It’s not about vanity, but rather about self-esteem. I encourage women of all ages, shapes and sizes to feel confident and happy within their own skin. Moreover, as we all need to wear clothes, let’s have fun with them! I love my job and reigning my client’s passion with the joy it can bring. I find my job exceptionally rewarding on so many levels and feel very fortunate to provide a service to enhance the wellbeing of other women. LM: What services do you offer? I offer a variety of style services and packages, all with one simple objective: to help you portray the image of your best self, leaving you reenergized, confident and excited about your overall style. Below are just a fewexamples of how I can help, but we all have different needs. Please get in touch and I would be delighted to tailor something uniquely to you. PERSONAL STYLE CONSULTATION This is the perfect place to start if you're unsure what colours and clothes best suit your natural shape and complexion. I'll cover these in detail, providing inspiration for a fresh new look that will bring out the best in you. WARDROBE REFRESH The overall aim of a wardrobe consultation is to create an organised and newly energised wardrobe that is filled with items you will love to wear day in day out. I'll show you how to mix and match your existing wardrobe to create new looks and identify any gaps. PERSONAL SHOPPING My tailored shopping experience is a fun way to refresh your wardrobe. I'll advise on the best styles, shapes, and colours to compliment you and your lifestyle. It's an excellent way to make flattering purchases, with inspirational hints and tips along the way. EVENT DRESSING Whether a birthday, wedding, charity event or the trip of a lifetime, there are occasions when you simply need a great outfit. Together we'll find the perfect one for your moment in the spotlight. WEDDING SERVICE Undeniably the most important and most fabulous outfit of your life, let me help you make your big day extra special by finding the perfect dress for you. This is your time to shine, and my job is to ensure you do exactly that. THE GIFT OF STYLE Surprise someone special with a long-lasting present that will leave them excited and reenergised. My style vouchers are tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring your loved one receives a unique and personal gift. PERSONAL BRANDING You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Your professional image speaks for you before you’ve even said a word. Whether you’ve got a website, LinkedIn, Instagram or YouTube, you may not know it, but you’ve already got a Personal Brand so together let’s create the right one. LM: Finally, one for our readers: what are your three top tips for working a look with confidence? ZR: Be true to yourself. You’re unique and your style should reflect your personality Wear something that fits, flatters and enhances your complexion Always wear a smile! Zoë Rodrigues Email: [email protected] Website:

6 | LUXlife Magazine - Style & Apparel Awards 2022 Best Luxury Watch Retailer - London A watch does more than simply tell the time. A good quality watch is a statement about who you are, an ambition which is to be passed down from generation to generation. A good watch, well chosen, can define who you are. Few know this better than the team at The Diamond Box, specialists in the watch and jewellery industry. With success in the Style and Apparel Awards 2022, we take a closer look to find out more. When buying awatch, it’sworth turning to a team who are committed to providing a service which reflects what you’re buying. When it comes to exploring all things luxury, The Diamond Box offers a unique perspective on the world. From humble beginnings as a family-owned enterprise in North London, this business has grown to be a leader throughout the watch and jewellery industry. Gaining this position has been no easy task. The Diamond Box has had to build extensive knowledge of the sector, networking with other suppliers in order to ensure that the service they provide is not only honest, but competitive too! Turning to The Diamond Box means turning to a team that understands precisely what you want from a luxury watch. It also means you’re turning to a team that is thoroughly committed to delivering on what they promise – an experience that celebrates all things luxury. Customers have often congratulated the team on the high standard of service they are able to offer. Without pomp or ceremony, the team get on with the job of finding items which are above and beyond what might otherwise be expected. Their job is not to add pressure to customers, but to make them feel as comfortable as possible as they explore the various opportunities presented to them. Perhaps the biggest sign of the team’s success is in the level of customer satisfaction, therefore. Beyond the impressive products that have been collected over the years, the team at The Diamond Box have championed an attitudewhich is always courteous and careful not to overstep the mark. It’s why people not only turn to them in the first place, but keep coming back. In the world of luxury, it’s easy to focus in on the product. The product is obviously important to The Diamond Box team, but it is not the key. The key is the level of customer service they provide, making others feel at home in their surroundings. The experience of visiting The Diamond Box cannot be understated. We cannot recommend them highly enough! Company: The Diamond Box

If there is one benefit to the digitisation of business, it is that it has opened the path for entrepreneurs to reach their target market with relative ease – much to the benefit of consumers as well. Following The Loft 45’s success in the Style and Apparel Awards, we took a closer look to find out more. Best Casual Clothing eTailer - Singapore rt and design go hand in hand – good design after all, is art. In this digital world, consumers have the best access to art that we’ve collectively ever had, and artists have the best access to potential buyers and admirers. To say that artists, businesses and creators have capitalised on this new world of opportunity would be an understatement, and while that is overwhelmingly a good thing all around, it has led to an incredibly competitive arena. So, the new challenge is to distinguish yourself from your peers – when everyone has roughly the same tools at their disposal, the quality of the product itself becomes absolutely crucial to securing enduring success. And in this, The Loft 45 truly stands apart. Through the creation of a plethora of products – including clothing for a variety of sizes, ceramic and enamel gifts, and wall art – the company has built a strong client base through simple, clean, artistic design. Of course, the key here also lies in knowing your clients: what they like, dislike, and need. Fashion is a statement piece at The Loft 45, designed to incite interest and allure. Operating out of Singapore, but with the item creation happening in the United States and across Europe, The Loft 45 clearly takes quality seriously – taking care to source the best suppliers for the job. Equally, each design is created wholly by the artist, ensuring that they retain rights over their product and its manufacture. The online world was made for The Loft 45 and its contemporaries – allowing great design to meet clients that would appreciate it. All in all, it’s clear to see how and why The Loft 45 has seen success since its establishment. After all, there will always be a demand for great design in this space, and in all international markets, with a client base that continues to grow year on year. Its recognition as the ‘Best Casual Clothing eTailor’ in Singapore is a title well won, with the company’s ongoing and burgeoning growth being a key indicator of its position in this challenging, but rewarding, climate. Company: The Loft 45 Email: [email protected] Facebook: Instagram: A

8 | LUXlife Magazine - Style & Apparel Awards 2022 he history of British tailoring is one which might have come to an end if it weren’t for the tireless efforts of businesses such as Carl Stuart. With a name to be remembered, this impressive enterprise has committed to ensuring the most sophisticated of suits is available to purchase, lovingly made within the UK. From first cut to final press, this team do everything to bring your tailored suit to startling reality. Whilst the world has changed significantly over the last 90 years, the Carl Stuart team have committed doggedly to the same standards that inspired those founding members. The business remains Yorkshire based, continuing to turn to local suppliers for every part of your garment where possible. Every piece of fabric, every length of thread, every button and zip is carefully sourced not only to be of the highest quality, but as local as possible too. It’s an attitude that keeps British suppliers working. Of course, the benefit has also been to make Carl Stuart a more sustainable business, one adapted to the needs of the 21st Century. The less distance that items need to travel, the smaller the carbon footprint on the planet at large. British tailoring manufacture isn’t simply about making things in Britain. It’s about looking at the bigger picture too, and accounting for the various demands that are made of modern businesses. Being based in Yorkshire has actually proven to be a boon to the team for many reasons. Having committed to the highest of possible standards, the Carl Stuart team are able to offer made to measure suits in a wide range of designs and a vast choice of fabrics. Some of the finest fabric mills in Yorkshire are based nearby, allowing them unique access to resources that other firms simply can’t compete with. When it comes to local knowledge of what is available, Carl Stuart has everyone beat! Needless to say, one of the team’s most popular services is their bespoke tailoring solutions. These celebrate the very best that Yorkshire has to offer, through the ultimate expression of your personal design. Working closely with a member of the Carl Stuart team, you can be whisked away on an exciting journey of personal expression. Every facet of your garment will be chosen by you, guided by the experienced hand of those who have specialised in this field. On some special occasions, it might be more suitable to hire a suit as opposed to buying something new. With a history of providing suits for every type and style of event, your first port of call should always be Carl Stuart. They can meet any and every requirement Best Bespoke Menswear Manufacturing Business - Yorkshire Carl Stuart is a name which is synonymous with quality. With a heritage that goes back nearly a century, this is the place to go if you want to sample true British tailoring prowess. Based in Yorkshire, they are keeping the industry alive. We dig a little deeper to uncover precisely how following their incredible achievement in the Style and Apparel Awards 2022. that you might need whether it’s a black tie evening event or a morning suit for a day at the races. Another exciting development has been the introduction of ladies’ wear to their product offerings. From elegant overcoats in bright colours to beautifully-fit trousers, waistcoats and jackets, the ladies are provided a vast variety of options to create garments that fit not just their shape but also their unique personalities and styles. The team at Carl Stuart have reported that since introducing the ladies wear, a deluge of amazingly imaginative requests have come through that elevates this typically classic and traditional art form to a whole new level. The world of fashion is always changing, but the standards set by Carl Stuart are never, ever in flux. With such a strong background in this tailoring industry, and a reputation that is second to none, Carl Stuart Tailors are successfully bridging the gap between history and now by holding firmly to traditional British tailoring standards and weaving them into today’s world. We cannot wait to see what this team do next! Company: Carl Stuart Tailors Name: Paul Gatehouse, Store Manager Email: Web Address: T

9 | Luxlife Magazine Most Eco-Friendly Luxury Swimwear Brand - Australia Beautiful design should be sustainable, and that’s precisely what the team behind Bombshell Bay Swimwear have built their range around. With a small, but dedicated team at the heart of the operation, these is swimwear that is nothing short of magic. With incredible success behind them in the Style and Apparel Awards 2022, we thought it high time to dig a little deeper into how they’ve managed to make such a remarkable success story! Owned by Chloe Sarkis, Bombshell Bay Swimwear is a company that understands the unique challenges they face better than most. In a world where everything is more connected than ever before, she and her talented team of clothing experts have committed to a path of sustainability in order to protect the oceans they love so much. Over the years, the Bombshell Bay Swimwear team have produced many different collections, each carefully designed using the finest Italian recycled fabric to be of the highest possible calibre. Each collection is only created in small amounts, not only guaranteeing sustainability but ensuring that each collection is truly sustainable in every sense of the word. It’s clear that these modern luxury designs celebrate everything that it means to live in the 21st Century. For some, sustainability caries a certain stigma, but it’s a facet that has driven the team at Bombshell Bay Swimwear to stand apart. Their commitment to luxury is one which gives back to the planet at the same time as providing truly breath taking swim and resort wear. In years gone by, recycled solutions will have been looked down upon as lesser solutions, but the success of Bombshell Bay Swimwear is in their lack of compromise at all. While the company is based in Australia, every piece is lovingly made by a separate team in Bali, Indonesia. Outsourcing this work meant ensuring that the highest ethical standards were maintained, in line with the ethos and ambitions of Bombshell Bay Swimwear and its buyers. This manufacturer pays staff up to three times the standard wage, as well as providing comprehensive health insurance for themselves and family members. A profit-sharing scheme is paid annually for all staff as well. Similarly, fabric comes from a source which is committed to high standards, being High quality eco fabrics by Carvico. This sustainable techno-fabric, made of a ECONYL® regenerated Nylon, turns potential waste into the height of sartorial elegance. Not only is it a sustainable solution, it happens to be twice as resistant to chlorine, suntan creams, and oils than competitors’ fabrics. This innovation has been part of the reason why the team has achieved such astonishing success. Of course, thriving in a competitive market cannot be achieved simply through innovation. Bombshell Bay Swimwear is a brand which is not only up and coming, but has committed to the needs of customers. Chloe prides herself on knowing what people want and finding ways to ensure that they can realise those dreams. It goes without saying that she knows her customers incredibly well and that is part of the reason why so many people turn to her and her business. It’s not a matter of following trends, rather taking the kindness of customer feedback on board. We wondered if Chloe would be willing to share a couple of her secrets about what might lie ahead for Bombshell Bay Swimwear. “We're hoping to expand on our new resort wear line, and also introduce little boys swimwear to go alongside our little girls swimsuit line,” she says with a smile. “It's been a big success for us and I think we're ready to expand a little wider.” It’s clear that her ambition is guaranteed to lead to even greater success for her business for many years to come! Company: Bombshell Bay Swimwear Name: Chloe Sarkis Email: [email protected] Web Address:

10 | LUXlife Magazine - Style & Apparel Awards 2022 Best Designer Apparel & Footwear Company - South Africa Luxury and quality are at the heart of the products that the Europa Art Group offer their clients. With a dazzling array of premium brands just waiting to be explored, it’s little wonder that the team has been recognised in the Style and Apparel Awards 2022. We take a closer look at precisely what is on offer from this incredible team, and explore precisely why they have gained such an impressive following. Established in 1974, the Europa Art Group has been built on the values of style, sophistication and a passion for accessories, apparel and exquisitely crafted footwear. Since opening their doors, the team’s reputation has become without parallel throughout the fashion industry, allowing them to earn a place on the international stage as a world-class fashion and lifestyle house. Whilst fashion is a worldwide business, the team’s aim has always been to bring global and international labels to the local markets of Southern Africa, as well as the African region as a whole. The vision is one which goes beyond the bounds of fashion, but explores the power and impact that fashion can have on our society as a whole. It goes without saying that luxury apparel has the potential to transform society, and the holistic approach of the Europa Art Group aims to tackle inequality and end the marginalisation of individuals and groups. These ambitious aims have been with the business since its humble beginnings as a family-led enterprise. Now, it has grown into an industry leader, but this was far from guaranteed at the start. What the team had, first and foremost, was strong values and it is these values that have brought the team such amazing success over nearly five decades. When people turn to the Europa Art Group, they turn to a business which houses 30 international designer brands. All of these have been chosen, not purely because of their sartorial elegance, but because they share the Europa Art Group values of quality, sustainability, strong ethics and community outreach. As a style authority, it will come as little surprise to many that fashion connoisseurs adore the work done by the team. The team do no thrive by purely taking on international fashion, however. They are pioneers in their own right. The Europa Art Group was behind the first flagship Karl Lagerfeld store in sub-saharan Africa. This brand has long been known for its cutting-edge fashion innovation and Karl Lagerfeld's unique archive designs. The Europa Art Group also houses handcrafted footwear and accessories for both men and women, with a reputation for leather footwear in particular. The product offering has been designed in order to be multi-LSM applicable, which makes luxury not only aspirational, but accessible and attainable too. A visit to a Europa Art Group store will reveal a staffwho are always able andwilling to help.With a commitment to the omni-channel customer experience, a great deal of pride goes into ensuring that customer service is at the forefront of everything that the team do. Standards are not allowed to slip anyway, whether they visit a brick-and-mortar store or buy online. To achieve this, staff are equipped with every tool they need to provide an experience that is as luxurious as the products on offer. It’s not just products that make for a luxury business. The Europa Art Group has thrived not just because its products are without parallel, but because the team have paid attention to every part of the process. We celebrate their amazing success, and cannot wait to see what the team do in the future. Company: Europa Art Group Name: Melina Lambrakis Email: [email protected] Web Address: Pictured from left to right: actress and South African Personality- Pearl Thusi, Executive Director Melina Lambrakis and Nigerian Fashion Personality- Swanky Jerry.

Established in 1975, Meaden Jewellers has built an outstanding reputation in the luxury sphere for its handcrafted high-quality jewellery. On the back of its success and recognition in the Style and Apparel programme, we spoke with Master Jeweller and Owner Gary Meaden to find out more. Diamond Jewellers of the Year - New Zealand At Meaden, our clients are always at the heart of what we do. We provide the best quality jewellery for the best value. We support our customers by providing them with a dedicated service, with a focus on building long-term, collaborative relationships. We have had the pleasure of working on intricate requests for highly discerning clients. We also offer bespoke designs, jewellery restoration, remodelling, stone setting, CAD designs, resin porotypes and jewellery repairs.” Gary continues, explaining how Meaden Jewellers have built its operations around total custom pieces, working almost side by side with its clients so that they know, without question, that the final product is absolutely what they want. “Our studio and workshop are all in one place, so all our clients can see the entire process unfold. In addition, we are equipped with state-of-art technology that allows us to handcraft bespoke jewellery at exceptional quality and value. As a result, we have developed an extensive collection of fine jewellery in the fast-changing and globalised economic environment.” It’s clear to see howMeaden Jewellers has maintained a special place in the APAC jewellery market over the last four decades. Throughout its tenure it has built and nurtured a reputation for a client-centric service. Partnered with Gary and his team’s expertise, Meaden Jewellers is award-winning by every definition, with recognition that is more than deserved. Company: Meaden Master Jewellers Name: Gary Meaden Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: Level 4, 16 High Street Auckland CBD, 1010 Telephone: +6421336775 rt can take many forms, whether we put it on our walls, display it, use it, or wear it. Being human is to appreciate form and function both, to understand that it is fundamental to the way we express ourselves to the world. There may be an argument in the idea around jewellery being art manifest in its most pure form, using the most exquisite materials to adorn our bodies in ways that inform our expression, taste, and magnify our beauty. In this way, jewellery is deeply personal, and a piece of jewellery made by a true master is a special thing indeed – it is art that makes the internal external, visible, beautiful. As one of these true masters, Gary Meaden has cultivated a client base through his refined skillset and client centric ethos. The latter has been the crux of Gary’s success – after all, you can design impeccable pieces, but that skill isn’t useful if you don’t cater to your clientele’s needs and wants. Gary takes a moment to emphasise the importance of a truly bespoke creation process that puts the client at the centre. “From diamond education to design, our in-house team of experts assists our clients from conception through to innovation. A “Our clients trust that we provide informed design decisions and stone selections. We go above and beyond for each client and listen to their ideas. Once a newcomer comes to us, they become a patron."

12 | LUXlife Magazine - Style & Apparel Awards 2022 rom the outset, it is easy to be impressed by John’s Crazy Socks – as the world’s largest sock store is offers some 4,000 different socks, with over 30,000 5-star reviews, and a burgeoning client base. Of course, the real inspiration can be found a little deeper, with cofounder Mark discussing in more detail. “I am the Co-Founder, alongside my son, John, who has Down Syndrome. Wework every day to showwhat people with differing abilities can do. We have an extensive Giving Back program that starts with our pledge of 5 percent of earnings to the Special Most Inspirational Social Enterprise - USA People start businesses for all reasons. Most, of cause, realise that they have an idea that would tackle a hole in a specific market, and want to financially capitalise on it. Others want to deliver a message – to inform, to educate or, simply, like John’s Crazy Socks, spread happiness. We spoke with Co-Founder Mark X Cronin to find out more. Olympics. , We also pursue personal connections with our customers exemplified by the thank you note and candy that John puts in every package. Most of all, our customers help us spread happiness.” Indeed, many of the 4,000 socks on offer are specially designed awareness socks, featuring designs that help promote the various causes they showcase, alongside raising funds with each purchase. Those Awareness Socks support causes like Down syndrome, autism and cerebral palsy and raise money for charities like the National Down Syndrome Society, the Autism Society of America and United Cerebral Palsy. “At the end of the day, the socks become the physicalmanifestation for our story andmission.” There’s a lot to love about John’s Crazy Socks. Even with the immense success that the business has achieved, it still holds firm to those initial founding drives – to spread both happiness and awareness. With thousands of sales under its belt, there’s something still very ‘small business’ with the way that John, Mark and the team handle customers. Something very personal, friendly and customer centric. “We are focused on delivering the goods with a great website, great selection, great products and great service,” Mark adds. Let’s talk about that team that has helped John and Mark make John’s Crazy Socks a success. It goes without saying that all of the team believe strongly in the company’s mission, with a culture dedicated to strong internal collaboration, fun, and enjoyment. “To find the best possible colleagues, we explore the widest possible pool of candidates. More than half our colleagues have differing abilities, and we ensure that the work they do is fun and fulfilling. To create engagement, we also offer people a mission worthy of their commitmentWe make everyone knows why his or her job matters. Put people in a position to succeed. Recognize the work that people do - say thank you – and stay out of the way! We know it’s important to let people do their job.” So, what does the future hold for John’s Crazy Socks? It shouldn’t surprise anyone that John and Mark have big plans for the company for 2023: “This year we will enter the wholesale channel and begin selling our products in other retailers!” Company Name: John's Crazy Socks Contact Name: Mark X Cronin, Co-Founder Address: 110 Bicounty Blvd., Suite 120, Farmingdale, NY 11735 USA Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] Telephone Number: 6317605625 F “We find that people want choice so they can find a style that expresses their style and personality.”

13 | Luxlife Magazine Best Luxury Jewellery eCommerce Company - UAE Aquae Jewels designs and manufactures its custom jewellery collections from its workshop in Dubai. Since 2011, the company, headed up by founder Catherine Klastersky, has supplied jewellery lovers the world over with its creations via its own online platform. We take a look at the company, its mission, and its products. By 2026, the Dubai Chamber of Commerce expects the UAE e-commerce market to be worth $9.2bn, making it one of the fasting growing markets in the world. With almost all the UAE population having access to the internet, shopping online has never been so popular. One company that is well-versed in the intricacies of the online world is Aquae Jewels. With 12 years in the online marketplace, the company knows exactly what its customers want and how to meet their demands. Specialising in 18-carat gold, diamonds, and other precious stones, Aquae Jewels takes care of the whole sales process itself. There are no middlemen and the company deals with every client directly. Catherine tells us, “We handcraft everything in our Dubai workshop, it’s then packed and shipped securely to our customers’ doors. Because we don’t use intermediaries such as distributors or retailers, we pass on savings of up to 40% on traditional retail prices.” And Aquae Jewels’ offering isn’t only available in UAE, but it is also able to ship its creations anywhere in the world in less than a week. Impressive statistics for a company that’s dealing with the whole process in-house. As well as the collections you’ll find on the company website, Aquae Jewels creates custom rings and bracelets to order. Catherine explains, “The client sends us a sketch or short description of what they have in mind. Our design team will review the request to make sure they’re clear on what the client wants. We then use computer-aided design (CAD) to make the design digital and send it back to the customer to check. All this takes just 24 hours. When the customer is happy with the design, we agree on a price and start production.” From the CAD drawing, a 3D mould is printed and used to cast the 18-carat gold base of the jewellery. The piece is then passed to a jewellery craftsperson who adds stones and fine detailing before deep cleaning, polishing and packaging ready for despatch. The company insists that all its jewellery is ethically sourced and conflict-free. Aquae Jewels diamonds come from ethical mines and the company provides a certificate of authenticity with each piece it ships. “Making fine jewellery doesn’t have to come at the cost of our values or our planet,” says Catherine. “True sustainability is about being honest when addressing our impact on the planet and its people. That’s why we use a mixture of recycled and fairly mined materials. We’re always looking to improve the social and environmental impact of our business by making sure that human rights are respected.” To find out more and to see Aquae Jewels' latest creations, please visit the company website. Contact: Catherine Klastersky Company: Aquae Jewels Web Address:

14 | LUXlife Magazine - Style & Apparel Awards 2022 Best Global Sustainable Eyewear Brand - USA ‘Together we can change lives’ – that’s the promise of San Diego company, SOLO Eyewear. Creating sunglasses that are environmentally responsible, SOLO also aims to restore the vision of those most in need. We take a look at the company mission in more detail with founders Jenny Amaraneni and Dana Holliday. SOLO Eyewear began life as a university project. When reading Paul Polak’s book, Out of Poverty (What Works When Traditional Approaches Fail), Jenny Amaraneni became aware of the lack of general eyecare in poorer areas. Whilst working on completing her International Entrepreneurship course, she felt compelled to do more research. Jenny, who has poor eyesight herself, was startled to discover that around 1 billion people in the world don’t have access to eyecare. On top of that, theWorldHealthOrganization states that almost 80% of blindness is preventable. Spurred into action, Jenny partnered with her fellow student, Dana Holliday, to launch SOLO Eyewear. So why sunglasses? Jenny explains, “At SOLO Eyewear, we know the world doesn’t need another sunglasses company. But it does need companies that care about people and the planet. And that’s us. Our mantra is ‘One idea. One person. One action can change theworld.’Wewant to inspire individuals to go out and do amazing things.” So how does SOLO accomplish its mission? Firstly, SOLO makes its sunglasses from responsiblysourcedmaterials suchas repurposed wood, bamboo, and recycled plastic. This keeps the carbon footprint low and avoids depleting natural resources or making more plastic. Using responsibly sourcedmaterials doesn’t place a limit on choice or quality. SOLO’s sunglasses come in a host of different designs and feature polarised lenses that give 100% UVprotection. But thecompany’s commitment tosustainability doesn’t end there. SOLO also recycles and repurposes its packaging materials and defective sunglasses for parts. Ethical sourcing is high on the agenda too. All SOLO manufacturers need to pass a comprehensive audit that examines areas including worker protection, health and safety, and chemical management. Jenny tells us about the accessories that SOLO also sources: “We buy sunglasses cases and cords from a group of female artisans in Panajachel, Guatemala. By paying them a fair wage, and exposing their products to the global market, we’re able to help them and their families out of poverty.” And what about the company’s mission to restore eyesight? By donating 10% of its profits to funding eye examinations, glasses and cataract surgery, SOLO has helped restore vision for over 13,000 people in 32 countries! Jenny says, “When a person’s vision is restored, they can live a fuller, more productive life. They can earn more money, too. On average, the people we help increase their annual income by around $300. It may not sound like a lot, but in countries where individuals are living off $1-$2 a day, $300 makes a huge difference.” Next time you need a new pair of sunglasses, or blue light filter glasses for your PC, why not visit SOLO Eyewear? And who knows the difference your one purchase could make? Contact: Jenny Amaraneni & Dana Holliday Company: Solo Eyewear Web Address:

Located in the eclectic Granville Island Maritime & Marinashoppingdistrict inVancouver, you’llfindbespoke jewellery maker, Zadel Jewellery Studio. The studio is the brainchild of expert jewellers, Johan and Adele Van Tonder.With over 70years of combined experience in the industry, the husband and wife team excel in heirloom quality design and realising custom creations. Jewellery Designing Studio of the Year - British Columbia Adele says, “We never compromise on quality. No matter what type of jewellery our clients are looking for. We design our pieces to be unique, durable, and eye-catching. We promise to treat every customer with the respect, honesty, and transparency they deserve. We want them to feel the same love and pride when wearing the pieces from our studio that we do in creating them.” Every piece is manufactured and finished in Zadel’s workshop on Granville Islandwhere the public are invited to view the daily operations. Platinum, gold, and silver can all be cast on-site and all repairs are also done on the premises. In today’s life everyone is time conscience, we strive to have most pieces finished and ready to collect in an impressive 10 to 15 days. As well as its own designs, Zadel Jewellery Studio also showcase a curated collection of designs by renowned Canadian Jewellers such as Andrea Rokosz, Sonja Picard, Bayot Heer, Barrie Edwards, Michael Dean, Leanne Burns, Jakob Bauer, Carole Baldock, Gerhard Moolman and Melissa Caron. To find out more, and to see examples of their work, please visit the company website. Zadel Jewellery Studio is a member of the Canadian Jewellers Association & the Jeweler’s Board of Trade. Contact: Adele Van Tonder Company: Zadel Jewellery Studio Web Address: riginally from South Africa, Johan and Adele Van Tonder made the move to British Columbia in 2010. The pair are passionate about two things: jewellery and each other! As a Master Goldsmith, Johan has been in the industry for over 50 years. An expert in many aspects of jewellery manufacturing his wealth of experience is sought out by clients and trade partners alike, he is also a recipient of many prestigious accolades over the years. Adele, an accomplished jewellery designer of 28 years in her own right shares her passion for creativity using 3D modelling tools, this has given her creative flair wings. She tells us, “I use Rhinoceros 3D to engineer my designs. This means the client can follow the process from start to finish. From sketch to magazine rendering, then to a wax prototype and the finished design in a metal of their choice.” This provides for a clear & concise relationship between designer and client. Such isAdele’smastery of the process; her sapphire earring design earned her the runner-up award in the prestigiousWax2Max Design competition. The couple’s speciality is twofold - creating custom, one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces that bring a customer’s vision to life and maintaining sentimentality in heirloom redesign. Adele explains, “We want our pieces to become enchanting heirlooms that each tell a story filled with loving memories. We source the finest quality mined and laboratory-grown diamonds and gemstones, and we guarantee that all our materials are ethically sourced.” In fact, all diamonds used in Zadel designs carry a certificate of authenticity. The studio excels at using recycled gold and gemstones to make new items. The team at Zadel is also adept at uncovering the beauty of long-forgotten pieces and giving them a new lease of life. Johan and Adele pride themselves on the minute attention to detail and unique personalisation that goes into every piece they make. O

16 | LUXlife Magazine - Style & Apparel Awards 2022 umans have adorned themselveswith jewellery since prehistoric times. The first examples of jewellery made from stones, shells, and bone were most likely symbols of rank or status. Later, when we began working with metal to make more sophisticated tools and weapons, jewellery underwent an evolution of its own. It became all at once more intricate and decorative. The processes and techniques used to manufacture jewellery have improved, allowing pieces to be more precise and intricate. But one inspiration behind jewellery design has not changed – nature. The natural forms of plants, flowers, animals, and landscapes have inspired jewellers for centuries. But how many also took inspiration from architecture? [in]trigue’s jewellery designer, Jaime takes her inspiration from both nature and architecture. Fascinated by both natural and manufactured forms, Jaime delves into the kinship between her two inspirations in her chic and unusual designs. She tells us, “[in]trigue jewellery combines the concepts of utilitarian and aesthetic to create its collections. We want our designs to empower, to intrigue, to spark conversations, and to create a unique identity for the wearer.” Jaime designs her collections to appeal to today’s market, but equally to remain timeless. Combining the geometric shapes of architecture with flowing natural forms allows Jaime to put a modern spin on classic styles. She explains, “Architecture and jewellery share many principles of function and form. We represent this in our collections by highlighting subtle and unexpected details.” Using 3D modelling and printing to realise the prototypes of her designs boosts Jaime’s creative output. All of [in]trigue’s designs are made in limited quantities by local Singaporean craftspeople. The latest upcycled project collaboration is one with Singapore Airlines, namely the Bloom Collection. This unique Bloom Collection incorporates upcycled Singapore Airlines seat cover fabric in its design. The deign uses the Orchid motif, which is the national flower of Singapore and also represents love, beauty and strength. [in]trigue designed this collection with the modern woman in mind, exuberating love, beauty and strength in her own way. Creating a collection that is versatile allows her to wear the jewellery how she likes, to have the flexibility and fun as well. Best Upcycled Project Collaboration Company - Singapore Singaporean jewellery designer, Jaime is the driving force behind the conceptual jewellery brand, [in]trigue. Jaime, who is also an architect, enjoys exploring the similarities and differences between the worlds of architecture and nature in her designs. We take a look at this unique brand in more detail. Featured in prestigious magazines such as Vogue, Tatler, and Fashion Journal, Jaime’s designs have earned a reputation for their unique sophisticated style. Company: [in]trigue Email: [email protected] Web Address: H

17 | Luxlife Magazine Best Women's Minimalist Jewelry Brand – USA Design finds itself on a constantly shifting – and indeed expanding – paradigm. It’s a sphere defined by incredible talent, and leading entities utilising more and more innovative techniques. One such talent is PLAITLY Founder Caroline Quinio. We spoke with Caroline on the back of PLAITLY’s success in the 2022 Style and Apparel Awards programme. Minimalism perseveres today. As a hallmark of the modern age, it has experienced a uniquely robust reputation in the artistic and design landscapes as a cornerstone of both industries. Minimalism is, arguably, the pinnacle of form and function, a careful, precise equilibrium between the two polar sides of the spectrum. Equally, the jewellery sphere is embracing changing tastes. Indeed, while some creators have capitalised on more complicated, intricate ventures, others have embraced the strong current of minimalism to best serve their client base. That’s where PLAITLY and Caroline comes in, designing pieces that can truly be called art. To say that Caroline is a good designer would be a gross understatement – as an architect (and former classical pianist), her approach to design can best be described as a synchronicity between art and science. A perfect balance between the two that creates something new, interesting, and beautiful. “I started PLAITLY as a creative outlet to explore the ever-evolving relationship between virtual and physical processes, and reconsider what it means for jewellery to be “handcrafted” in a digital age. I also wanted to create meaningful jewellery for people who are creatives at heart and themselves passionate about design. “ Caroline’s skills as an architect have been fully realised through PLAITLY’s processes, as she explains further. “We design jewellery that combines traditional handcrafted techniques with the latest digital modelling processes. We develop scripts that generate complex geometries utilising environmental simulations, and we use 3D-printing to capture all of the details. Our digital design strategies combined with lost wax casting techniques create unique pieces of jewellery.” This innovative approach has cultivated a product line that is uniquely personal, and bespoke to the client. “Because of our process, each piece of jewellery has a unique shape that represents a special moment - like a birthday, wedding day, or anniversary - and no two pieces are exactly alike. People are very interested in purchasing something for themselves that has meaning. Also, since we produce the majority of our pieces on-demand, we are able to only use the amount of material we need, which reduces unnecessary waste in the production process,” Caroline adds. In many ways, the company feels uniquely ahead of the curve, creating a path that others are sure to follow over the next couple of years. While minimalist jewellery has been on trend for several years now, PLAITLY’s pieces distinguish themselves through their tailored nature. “Our Heliodon collection combines the minimalist aesthetic with a meaningful, personalised story. Our Drapery collection, which remains minimal because each piece is primarily made from precious metals, has expressive shapes and three-dimensional qualities that turn them into statement pieces for personalising any outfit. Statement jewellery in general is a trend that is always evolving. A year or two ago, statement earrings were all the rage. Now, the statement cuff bracelet is going strong. We have a few cuff bracelets that have increased in popularity in the past few months, such as our Entrelacé Cuff Bracelet in gold, rose gold or silver. We’re looking forward to exploring that trend and designing new cuff bracelets in 2023.” This is ultimately where PLAITLY is heading in the coming few years – to expand, create and explore new pieces that further its lead in the market. In her closing comments, Caroline moves to expand on her – and the company’s future. “We are working on expanding our collections to continue to explore the intersection of art and science within the world of jewellery design. I am very excited to dive into my roots as a classical musician and bring that inspiration into a new jewellery collection. I’m also interested in exploring new generative design strategies, geometric shapes, and material textures.” Company: PLAITLY Name: Caroline Quinio, Founder Email: [email protected] Web Address: