Style & Apparel Awards 2022

12 | LUXlife Magazine - Style & Apparel Awards 2022 rom the outset, it is easy to be impressed by John’s Crazy Socks – as the world’s largest sock store is offers some 4,000 different socks, with over 30,000 5-star reviews, and a burgeoning client base. Of course, the real inspiration can be found a little deeper, with cofounder Mark discussing in more detail. “I am the Co-Founder, alongside my son, John, who has Down Syndrome. Wework every day to showwhat people with differing abilities can do. We have an extensive Giving Back program that starts with our pledge of 5 percent of earnings to the Special Most Inspirational Social Enterprise - USA People start businesses for all reasons. Most, of cause, realise that they have an idea that would tackle a hole in a specific market, and want to financially capitalise on it. Others want to deliver a message – to inform, to educate or, simply, like John’s Crazy Socks, spread happiness. We spoke with Co-Founder Mark X Cronin to find out more. Olympics. , We also pursue personal connections with our customers exemplified by the thank you note and candy that John puts in every package. Most of all, our customers help us spread happiness.” Indeed, many of the 4,000 socks on offer are specially designed awareness socks, featuring designs that help promote the various causes they showcase, alongside raising funds with each purchase. Those Awareness Socks support causes like Down syndrome, autism and cerebral palsy and raise money for charities like the National Down Syndrome Society, the Autism Society of America and United Cerebral Palsy. “At the end of the day, the socks become the physicalmanifestation for our story andmission.” There’s a lot to love about John’s Crazy Socks. Even with the immense success that the business has achieved, it still holds firm to those initial founding drives – to spread both happiness and awareness. With thousands of sales under its belt, there’s something still very ‘small business’ with the way that John, Mark and the team handle customers. Something very personal, friendly and customer centric. “We are focused on delivering the goods with a great website, great selection, great products and great service,” Mark adds. Let’s talk about that team that has helped John and Mark make John’s Crazy Socks a success. It goes without saying that all of the team believe strongly in the company’s mission, with a culture dedicated to strong internal collaboration, fun, and enjoyment. “To find the best possible colleagues, we explore the widest possible pool of candidates. More than half our colleagues have differing abilities, and we ensure that the work they do is fun and fulfilling. To create engagement, we also offer people a mission worthy of their commitmentWe make everyone knows why his or her job matters. Put people in a position to succeed. Recognize the work that people do - say thank you – and stay out of the way! We know it’s important to let people do their job.” So, what does the future hold for John’s Crazy Socks? It shouldn’t surprise anyone that John and Mark have big plans for the company for 2023: “This year we will enter the wholesale channel and begin selling our products in other retailers!” Company Name: John's Crazy Socks Contact Name: Mark X Cronin, Co-Founder Address: 110 Bicounty Blvd., Suite 120, Farmingdale, NY 11735 USA Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] Telephone Number: 6317605625 F “We find that people want choice so they can find a style that expresses their style and personality.”