Style & Apparel Awards 2022

17 | Luxlife Magazine Best Women's Minimalist Jewelry Brand – USA Design finds itself on a constantly shifting – and indeed expanding – paradigm. It’s a sphere defined by incredible talent, and leading entities utilising more and more innovative techniques. One such talent is PLAITLY Founder Caroline Quinio. We spoke with Caroline on the back of PLAITLY’s success in the 2022 Style and Apparel Awards programme. Minimalism perseveres today. As a hallmark of the modern age, it has experienced a uniquely robust reputation in the artistic and design landscapes as a cornerstone of both industries. Minimalism is, arguably, the pinnacle of form and function, a careful, precise equilibrium between the two polar sides of the spectrum. Equally, the jewellery sphere is embracing changing tastes. Indeed, while some creators have capitalised on more complicated, intricate ventures, others have embraced the strong current of minimalism to best serve their client base. That’s where PLAITLY and Caroline comes in, designing pieces that can truly be called art. To say that Caroline is a good designer would be a gross understatement – as an architect (and former classical pianist), her approach to design can best be described as a synchronicity between art and science. A perfect balance between the two that creates something new, interesting, and beautiful. “I started PLAITLY as a creative outlet to explore the ever-evolving relationship between virtual and physical processes, and reconsider what it means for jewellery to be “handcrafted” in a digital age. I also wanted to create meaningful jewellery for people who are creatives at heart and themselves passionate about design. “ Caroline’s skills as an architect have been fully realised through PLAITLY’s processes, as she explains further. “We design jewellery that combines traditional handcrafted techniques with the latest digital modelling processes. We develop scripts that generate complex geometries utilising environmental simulations, and we use 3D-printing to capture all of the details. Our digital design strategies combined with lost wax casting techniques create unique pieces of jewellery.” This innovative approach has cultivated a product line that is uniquely personal, and bespoke to the client. “Because of our process, each piece of jewellery has a unique shape that represents a special moment - like a birthday, wedding day, or anniversary - and no two pieces are exactly alike. People are very interested in purchasing something for themselves that has meaning. Also, since we produce the majority of our pieces on-demand, we are able to only use the amount of material we need, which reduces unnecessary waste in the production process,” Caroline adds. In many ways, the company feels uniquely ahead of the curve, creating a path that others are sure to follow over the next couple of years. While minimalist jewellery has been on trend for several years now, PLAITLY’s pieces distinguish themselves through their tailored nature. “Our Heliodon collection combines the minimalist aesthetic with a meaningful, personalised story. Our Drapery collection, which remains minimal because each piece is primarily made from precious metals, has expressive shapes and three-dimensional qualities that turn them into statement pieces for personalising any outfit. Statement jewellery in general is a trend that is always evolving. A year or two ago, statement earrings were all the rage. Now, the statement cuff bracelet is going strong. We have a few cuff bracelets that have increased in popularity in the past few months, such as our Entrelacé Cuff Bracelet in gold, rose gold or silver. We’re looking forward to exploring that trend and designing new cuff bracelets in 2023.” This is ultimately where PLAITLY is heading in the coming few years – to expand, create and explore new pieces that further its lead in the market. In her closing comments, Caroline moves to expand on her – and the company’s future. “We are working on expanding our collections to continue to explore the intersection of art and science within the world of jewellery design. I am very excited to dive into my roots as a classical musician and bring that inspiration into a new jewellery collection. I’m also interested in exploring new generative design strategies, geometric shapes, and material textures.” Company: PLAITLY Name: Caroline Quinio, Founder Email: [email protected] Web Address: