Style & Apparel Awards 2022

Sofi Bajor, Senior Editor Phone: +44 (0) 203 970 0018 Website: About the Style & Apparel Awards 2022 LUXlife Magazine is excited to announce the launch of the Style and Apparel Awards 2022! In the years since our inception, LUXlife have been committed to recognising the very best of the Luxury Lifestyle industry, building an extensive catalogue of respected award programmes that cover awide range of categorieswithin this dynamic sector. In 2022, we are proudly introducing our first programme focused solely on the Fashion, Apparel, and Accessories market. Personal luxury goods – encompassing clothing, footwear, jewellery, watches, and eyewear – has been steadily increasing in global revenue over the past decade, with reports suggesting that the segment will continue to demonstrate annual growth of close to 10 percent in the coming years. After taking a major hit during the pandemic, the Fashion industry saw a significant uptake in market value from 2021 onwards, bouncing back with impressive vitality to almost its prior size. Even now that a new cost-of-living crisis is looming, the Clothing and Accessories sector remains resilient, and consumers still have a large appetite for spending in this segment despite many facing growing financial strain in the current economy. The latest figures from the UK show that spending on clothing has increased by a fifth this year compared to 2021, with buying levels higher than pre-pandemic reports!