Style & Apparel Awards 2022

Jun22596 4 | LUXlife Magazine - Style & Apparel Awards 2022 LUXlife Magazine: Let’s start from the top - when did you become fascinated by fashion? Zoë Rodrigues: I’ve been fascinated by fashion for as long as I can remember. I started creating outfits for my Barbie dolls before dressing up my little brother and sister and then my own three children -often begrudgingly. I grew up with very creative parents who had a strong influence on me. My mother was an art teacher and often made clothes for us and herself with the help of a sewing machine and a flair for style - in fact many a pair of flares were produced! My father was an interior designer, so you could say it was in my blood. However, my real fashion icon was my nana, Cecilia. The way she styled herself was amazing - there wasn’t an inch of her that was “granny” like; she was so polished and chic, when I grew up, I wanted to look just like her. As a student I spent a year in Spain, which exposed me to so many new influences. But much later, I spent time in Italy and that’s when my style really changed. I learned so much about fashion and just walking through the streets was a source of inspiration. I think we live in very exciting times and that, whilst there will always be new “trends”, the key is wearing what suits and flatters. I embrace the French approach to really get to knowyour body and how to compliment it. I also like to invest in classic, stylish pieces and update these regularly with a few on-trend items and accessories. LM: Being a personal stylist must seem like a dream come true, but how do you keep apace (or ahead) of trends – essentially, what inspires your work? ZR: I’m inspired by the positive effect clothes can have – to me, they’re the ultimate mood changers, confidence boosters and self-esteem builders. I love what I do, and I think that’s infectious too; I like to make all my sessions inspiring and engaging. With so many styles and options, it can be daunting to know what to wear, my role is to put the fun back into fashion and to help bring out the best in you. Style inspiration is all around us, I currently live in Edinburgh, where I’m so lucky to be part of such an amazingly diverse and cosmopolitan city. I studied art at university, so walking through our fantastic galleries gets the creative juices flowing. LM: How important is it to feel good in what we wear? ZR: Many of us feel conflicted between wanting to dress up and feeling guilty about taking the time to focus on clothes, but how we dress is important. It impacts on our behaviour, confidence, personality and attitude - even the way we interact with each other. Personal Stylist of the Year (UK): Zoë Rodrigues Zoë Rodrigues knows style. As LUXlife’s Personal Stylist of the Year, she embodies the best practices and expert guidance that defines the very best of the industry. Following her well-deserved recognition, we sat down with Zoë to find out more about her inspirations, history, work, and advice for others looking to find success in this incredibly competitive sector of the fashion world. Personally, I cannot overemphasise the power of clothes and their potential to make us feel great. With the risk of sounding like a cliché, we can all look great regardless of our age, size or shape. We’re not clones, and a one style suits all approach just doesn’t work. What does, is finding the right clothes to emphasise your assets and make the bits we’re not so proud of look better - this makes us all feel great. It doesn’t mean waiting to become your ideal self, you can start to feel amazing right now! LM: What is a common mistake we make when dressing? ZR: One of the most common mistakes we’re guilty of is wearing clothes that don’t fit properly - sales are exceptionally bad at encouraging us to do it! Knowing what clothes fit and flatter is key to creating a stylish look. As a wise friend once told me, if the size offends you, just cut off the label. That said, I remember wearing a pair of trousers that I adored, yes, they were too tight, but I squeezed myself into them and off I went to see a client. I sat down and we both heard an almighty rip, thankfully she saw the funny side, and thankfully I’d brought a long coat! LM: How do you decide what works for clients? ZR: I spend time really getting to know really my clients, this is usually during a complimentary face to face consultation. I believe it’s not all about your shape or complexion, your personality and lifestyle are key to creating your unique style; and those aren’t so easily conveyed in an email or photograph. The next step is to tailor the best service or package to meet your needs. Perhaps a face-to face style consultation to really get to grips with the style you would like to portray, this can be followed by your own digital style guide which includes colours, styles and flattering items to purchase at your leisure. Or a wardrobe refresh to reorganise your wardrobe making getting ready a joy rather than a chore, “shopping your wardrobe” with key suggestions of new ways to wear your existing clothes. Personal shopping can then be used to buy accessories, fill any gaps or to create a fresh new wardrobe. We’re all unique and my service is created around you. LM: Let’s talk some more about your founding principles. What are your core values? ZR: By nature, I have an outgoing personality and want my clients to have a professional, engaging, and fun experience. I empathise with all my clients; I understand that we are all unique and there is never a onesize fits all. I'm driven by the desire to help others find their style, change old shopping habits and feel confident in themselves. I want my clients to have their own unique sense of style and feel fabulous in what they