Style and Apparel Awards 2023

14 | LUXlife Magazine ffering an extensive range of both contemporary and modern art from its home base of South Africa and the wider continent, Zabrave’s offerings extend to a variety of mediums, with paintings, fine art photography, batik, sculptures, and printmaking being undertaken, curated on the brand’s website and online store, in addition to its two galleries, before it is sold to happy customers and art lovers on a global scale. When Herman Ssebuliba founded the company, he did so on the back of a determination to see his local communities thrive, building off of his experience in the areas of animal welfare, civil rights and social action, economic empowerment, and disaster/humanitarian relief, among others. Those frequenting Zabrave’s online store are designers and art lovers who are seeking to source and purchase fine artwork and original clothing in both the company’s native South Africa and further afield, with this platform shipping all over the world. A clear, conventional pricing structure is at the centre of Zabrave’s offerings, and it results in the vast majority of earnings from a sale being rightfully given to the person/s who designed the piece. An economical approach to pricing can too be found, meaning that the store does not have to drive incentives by offering reductions. But more importantly, when buying from Zabrave, a customer is supporting upcoming African artists, championing their unique work. Another defining characteristic of the Zabrave brand is its pledge to bring an end to animal cruelty globally, donating to charities and establishing the necessary partnerships to aid it in achieving this honourable goal. By standing united with charities, organisations, and individuals who are making waves in the fields of animal and habitat protection, as well as cruelty prevention, the company is contributing positively towards a brighter future for all. One particular area of focus is rhinos, who are at risk of extinction as a result of impacts on the climate, deforestation, and hunting. These rhinos make up a big part of store’s social responsibility commitments, and their images have graced many of the pieces sold on the site. Zabrave Wear comprises the brand’s clothing offerings, with choices available for men, women, and children. Through Zabrave’s extensive collection of artworks, a first-hand artistic experience is on offer that seeks to capture the exhaustive nature of African beauty through artistic pieces of unrivalled uniquity and expression. Since Africa boasts an array of cultural diversity, no two images are the same, with each artist capturing their source material in a fresh, exciting way. Across the store, art is available in either colour or black and white, with both of these categories serving different purposes, the former to radiate beauty, while the latter serves to focus attention on the subject in an incredibly personal way. Best Online Fine Art & Clothing Store - South Africa Zabrave excels in celebrating African creativity through its art and clothing, with an extensive online store and galleries located in Cape Town and Franschhoek. Established by Herman Ssebuliba, the brand specialises in the sale of bespoke fine art and clothing, providing artists and fashion designers from around the world with a unique platform and opportunities to enter into the global market. Underpinning this operation is the ethos that all designers and artists should be able to benefit considerably from their artwork and clothing designs having prolific exposure in a worldwide and professional store. With Zabrave’s colourful pieces, a buyer is afforded a highly stylised expression of a portrait or an image in profile, with a plethora of colours and techniques being used in order to convey emotion and mood, depicting the subject in a new, bold, and vivid manner. In direct contrast, the black and white category offers a back-to-basics approach, stripping the striking colours and interpretations and leaving behind a stunningly realistic image of understated beauty, feeling, and sheer talent. There is a timeless nature to the black and white images available for sale on the site, and they are sure to serve as a striking centrepiece in any home. Anyone seeking a slice of authentic African culture and some seriously impressive artistic masterpieces needs look no further than Zabrave, which offers both of these in addition to an unwavering dedication to supporting the environment and all of its inhabitants. With all of this to boot, it is easy to see why Zabrave is being celebrated with this award, and we wish the company all the best as it continues to push artistic boundaries and create clear statements. Contact Details Contact: Herman Ssebuliba Company: Zabrave Web Address: O