Summer 2018

12 1805LU30 Capturing the Elegance in Interior Design Kristyn Bock Interiors is primarily a residential interior design firm. Kristyn offers her services and exquisite eye for timeless design to clients in various cities along the East Coast. In April, LUXlife Magazine named Kristyn Bock Interiors as “Best Range of Interior Design Services” in LUXlife’s 2018 Leading Designers Awards. We sat down with the prolific designer to find out more about her inspiration and story of success. Honing her considerable talents at Workshop/ APD, a distinguished architecture and interior design firm in New York City, Kristyn nurtured and eventually managed the Interiors Department. From there, she built her independent design firm Kristyn Bock Interiors into one of the best interior design firms on the East Coast. When asked about what qualities make for excellent designers, Kristyn replied with, “I believe that passion, confidence, organization, and trust are the most important qualities involved in creating successful projects and lasting relationships.” Kristyn’s work is defined by timelessness and simple elegance. Her designs have an earthly, primordial element and a touch of the monochrome - a symphony of the neutral with an eruption of colour. Her speciality lies in families with young children, creating simplicity that is both stylish and functional. The clean lines create an image of bliss and quiet order. An interior designer’s role is to paint an idealised image of life in the space they create. Family rooms become centres of laughter and communication – a space to nurture happy memories. In this regard, Kristyn’s work speaks volumes. She captures the very essence of a room and transforms it from an idea to the physical world - to life. In Kristyn’s words, “I feel that I take a relatively personal approach to designing homes. My job as a designer is to guide a person through the design process and educate them on the best choices for their home by being in constant communication and guiding expectations along the way. Getting to know my clients beyond the surface level helps me adhere to an end result that we’re both proud of.” When looking at Kristyn’s most successful projects to date, the one that stands out the most is a newly built house in Water Mill, New York. Working closely with local luxury Hamptons company, Farrell Building Co., Kristyn assisted with designing the layout, selected all the interior and exterior finishes and furnishings for the 7,000 sq. ft. home. This was for a returning client whose primary residence is in NYC and uses the property as a summer vacation home. Another project to highlight, is a property that Kristyn did a gut renovation on in Scarsdale NY. Using the existing footprint of the 1930’s Colonial style home, she completely modernized the 5,500 sq. ft. property for a young family transitioning from Manhattan to Westchester, New York. “I’ve learned that these projects take dedication and perseverance to achieve the outcome that they deserve,” Kristyn explained. Interior design is a field that similar the fashion industry, experiences great paradigm shifts from one year to the next. What can be considered on-trend one year can grossly fall out of fashion the next. This year has been largely defined by terrazzo and statement ceilings while last year was defined by vintage, mid-century vibes, denim drift and mandala prints. Next year will no doubt reveal itself in surprising ways. We asked Kristyn how she stays up-to-date with the ever-changing industry; “It’s important to attend design shows and meet with vendors regularly. I love researching and learning about new products to be able to pass along the most relevant trends to clients. Ultimately, they wouldn’t see those materials elsewhere without a designer.” Taking aim at a more holistic view of the future of the sector, Kristyn echoed the thoughts of many of her contemporaries, in that the internet has created the ‘armchair designer,’ fuelled by a desire for instant gratification. “As designers, we need to stay on top of internet design. It’s very easy for clients to order what looks trendy. There are so many resources on the internet for people to play designer, and my goal is to