Summer 2018

20 Created with a truly worldwide scope, LMF International Design Consultants has completed projects from the West Coast of Canada to the heart of the Middle East. Specialising primarily in residential and hospitality clients, Lucille has flourished and honed her vision for innovative, elegant, and timeless interiors for several decades – and become, by any metric, an expert voice in the sector. Above all, Lucille credits the quality of her work to her ability to listen, and collaborate, with her clients, “First and foremost, it is essential to listen to exactly what your clients are asking for. Then to interpret and, ultimately, deliver a project that not only meets the hopes and dreams of the client, but is also beyond their expectations that stands the test of time, designed for the future not only today or yesterday. A completed project should reflect the client. That is the epitome of success in design.” Lucille continues, “Listen and study your clients. Decide before you take the project if they are people you want to work with, and, in return, if you are the right designer for them. If not, walk away, as you and the client won’t achieve the desired outcome. You are going to spend a lot of time, for a long period of time, with your clients, and you can only give them your best work when you are happy in the work.” “There is always an innovative solution, design is about solving problems both innovatively and constructively, and working with the teams of professionals involved to reach solutions that are innovative and cost effective.” LMF International Design Consultants Ltd. is a full- service interior design firm that has soared to become one of the finest design institutions working today. Earlier this year, LMF International was named among the winners of LUXlife’s ongoing Leading Designers Awards with the title of Most Outstanding International Full- Service Design Practice. In light of her win, we spoke with the Director and Principal Designer of the firm, Lucille Fares, to find out how she has fuelled a lifetime of success in the sector. LGE17U29 Achieving International Excellence in Interior Design GradeII listed house Hampshire Orangery Extension Kitchen of 4,000sq. ft. newly built residence in Vancouver BC