Summer 2018

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 21 Summer 2018 When it comes to her work, Lucille fascinates with striking mid-century revivals, encapsulating the flair and exuberance of the ‘50s. In other pieces, she revels in Moroccan and Mediterranean flourishes, a celebration of marble and venetian plaster with splashes of rich, vibrant colour. From contemporary rural, to modern luxury, Lucille has demonstrated a remarkable talent for adaptability. No matter the project, or budget, she manifests an astonishing ability to deliver beyond her client’s expectations. LUXlife asked Lucille what drives her design inspirations, “From a young age, I have spent my life living in so many countries - I have an encyclopaedia of design inspiration at my fingertips. I can approach every project with a new perspective and a fresh opportunity to design something truly unique every time. At the end of the day, it is the love of the work, the challenge, and the art which drives me to design.” “I love my work with a passion. I am experienced in working in different countries and with a plethora of nationalities for as long as a project takes. It is important to incorporate the country, the terrain, and the life style into the final design - you need experience and an open mind to achieve that. Not many people have been lucky enough to have had that experience.” Lucille established her first office in Dubai, where she stayed for almost two decades. Currently, Lucille is based in the United Kingdom, but – through LMF International – she continues to work with clients around the world. For her clients, she offers a novel approach that few designers can match. Working with her trusted team of consultants and partners – electricians, plumbers, builders, contractors - she can elevate a space to become something almost ethereal. Lucille adds, “I work with associates who combine all the necessary elements to successfully complete projects of all sizes and budgets. Working with the clients, architects and build team, LMF International provides comprehensive oversight of projects from concept, to inception, to completion. Wherever possible, we like to work with experienced local professionals, which has, over the years, provided us with a unique insight, and perspective, and helps to ensure happy clients.” According to Lucille, her success has been built on the back of years of hard work, “the qualities you need for success are; an ability to listen, the patience of meticulous, careful planning, an innate instinct for fine detail and a good knowledge of structure.” Entrance lobby to new kitchen boot room kitchen extension with custom dog bed Hampshire Image credits: Vancouver- Laurie Smith Millenium Media West Coast Photography and Design UK- Charlotte MacPherson Photography