Summer 2018

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 47 Summer 2018 Easily accessible to various locations, the Mayflower is ideally located between the Isle of Wight and the New Forest, and as such there is never a shortage of adventures to embark on or activities to partake in. Having sampled the natural beauty of the surrounding areas, and taking in the local culture, LUX settled down for a lovely meal, and whilst spoilt for the choice, it was certainly the right decision to start off with seafood on the advice of staff, continuing the nautical theme. Each course is practically a work of art, and the wonderful presentation of the Highland oak smoked salmon salt-baked beetroot purée, cumin mayonnaise and pickled fennel drew envious eyes from other tables. Accompanying the salmon was ½ a pint of prawns, bread and lemon mayonnaise, all of which was exquisite and certainly had LUX looking forward to the rest of the meal. Onto the main course, and what arrived at LUX’s table was a joy to behold. We were treated to a succulent, indulgent Steak and Chips, as well as a rich, hearty Chicken Pie, and words really do not do the taste of either dish justice. Having enjoyed such a spectacular dinner, it was time for dessert, and the scoops of ice cream that were delivered to the table were presented to the highest standard. Given the choice from an extensive menu, with a smile from the lovely staff, the desserts went down a treat and it was safe to say that the whole dining experience was extremely pleasant. After dinner, it was time to explore the fascinating views that surround the Mayflower Inn. Walking along the seaside and up the cobbled paths, Lymington was baked in sunshine and the opulent scenery only added to the beautiful nature of our time at the Mayflower. With the local community thriving, and full of friendly people, it is no wonder visits to both the local area and the Mayflower itself are in such high demand. Naturally, the evening called for a bottle of wine to end the night. Again, like the food, there was a vast array of choices, and LUX was extremely satisfied with our selection. Delivered with enthusiasm, the wine capped off the perfect experience for the guests and the whole stay was incredibly enjoyable. Ultimately, offering an assortment of activities, mind-blowing décor, and wonderful views, staying at the Mayflower is the ultimate experience. Whether it be a family stay, a romantic getaway, or even a short stay whilst hopping over to the Isle of Wight, this is the ideal venue. The captain of Hampshire’s hospitality ship, this nautical-themed, expertly presented venue is the perfect location for a relaxing getaway by the sea. If the sea is what you’re after, alongside the ocean waves and beautiful views, then do not hesitate to visit https://www. to secure your stay.