Summer 2018

50 Following in Attenborough’s Footsteps: A Journey Through the Tropics Sir David Attenborough’s recent revelation that Queensland is among his favourite places in the world led LUXlife to take an extraordinary trip across this beautiful landscape. Sampling the best hospitality and luxury that this sumptuous region has to offer, we explore what led the world-renowned Traveller and Broadcaster to name this his favourite destination. Beginning our journey in style and luxury, LUXlife flew with Singapore Airlines through to Cairns, where we were immediately immersed in the region’s tropical life at the Cairns Aquarium ( ). Much like our trip, this privately-owned tribute to the Queensland’s diverse marine inhabitants takes visitors on a journey from the wet tropics, mangroves, tropical rainforests through to the Great Barrier Reef the coral sea. There is a wide range of interactive displays that will keep the whole family entertained, including live reptile displays and a tunnel where guests can walk through a tank filled with sharks and stunning tropical fish. Alongside its entertainment value, the aquarium is also vital for education purposes, showcasing the importance of the balance in the local aquatic environment, as well as in conservation, as the aquarium works hard to benefit the habitats it showcases by removing as few members of its population as possible. To achieve this, the aquarium breeds many of its fish and cultivates its own coral in a safe environment populated by specialists. The region’s laws prohibit many of the animals and fish exhibited from being taken from the wild, so the aquarium’s work is vital to ensure that visitors can continue to enjoy the beautiful, colourful displays. Explore Exclusive