Summer 2018

Located in Lignano Riviera, Al Cason restaurant was the brainchild of Marilena and Alessandro. Unique in its style, the food and service is aimed at a variety of customers, catering to the needs of all guests. Embedded in the values of the restaurant, staff strive to deliver unrivalled customer service to go with the fantastic food and beverages that they serve their guests. Important to the restaurant’s brand, only local fish products and only fresh bread are used when making the meals, and other food produce like desserts and pasta are homemade. Whenever someone enters the Cason for the first time, they can take a deep breath and breathe in the air of tradition, research and innovation. Since its inception, customers have got use to the delicate and unique taste that the chefs work so hard to produce, and guests can taste the true flavours of the sea. Furthermore, for those who are looking for the perfect beverage to go with their meal, the restaurant has a wine list with over 400 labels, local wines, Franciacorta, Trentino, and a large choice of champagnes. Whilst at the bar, guests can choose from a vast array of carefully selected drinks, including rums which have aged to perfection, gin and vodka and wine all from the best brands. The team at Al Cason see it as a challenge to research the best and freshest product, find out what the current drink of choice is, and choose the most suitable taste for guests. With wine being an expanding market, there are still unknown wineries that have exceptional products. Providing exceptional hospitality, the team strives to make the restaurant feel like home to all guests, and make sure that their stay with the team is always a wonderful memory. Throughout the restaurant, the team of employees is formed of staff who believe in the project and the vision of Al Cason. Everybody works together to achieve the same goal, and this is ensuring the wellbeing of guests and leaving them eager to return. The team are trained by professionals, and undergo extensive training meaning there are no excuses for not making guests enjoy a memorable experience. Within the kitchen, innovation is natural and goes hand- in-hand with the work that is performed at the bar. Both in the kitchen and at the bar, staff work hard to fulfil the restaurant’s tradition, research and innovation, in the service and attention to detail make sure that the combination is a winner. Overall, there is widespread optimism amongst the staff at Al Cason that there is a bright future ahead for the restaurant. With the team continuing to deliver a fantastic service, the work will always be the same, with staff delivering a fantastic service and ensuring the wellbeing of customers. Homemade Food to goWith Homemade Service Retreat Delivering delicious food alongside superb customer service, Al Cason is a luxurious, leading restaurant based in Italy. We profiled the venue as we examine the creative and enjoyable food served up by the team. Company: Al Cason Address: Corso dei Continenti, Lignano Riviera, 33053, Italy Phone: 0039 431 42 30 29 Website: 1805LU03