Summer 2018

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 75 Summer 2018 magazines, Houzz and Homify. Katie starts off the discussion by telling us about her designs and from where she draws her inspiration. “At Katie Malik Interiors we create bespoke designs, which are a manifestation of easy elegance with added personal touches to satisfy our client’s needs to achieve a balance between functionality and beauty. Our designs are based upon the classic principles combined with exploration of colour, light, and furnishings.” Holding a glowing reputation throughout the region, Katie shares with us what qualities she believes make for excellent design and designers, “Essentially, good communication and excellent listening skills make an excellent designer in addition to talent, expertise and experience. To us, excellent design is manifested in feedback from individuals who enjoy being and living in the space and how the design positively impacts their wellbeing.” Combining these qualities with her ability to deliver excellent customer service has seen Katie build long-term relationships with her clients. Ensuring that each client receives the best possible service, Katie has a unique way of approaching her designs, and when paying the utmost attention to detail, clients reap the rewards of her work, as she explains. “Looking to understand the client’s true requirements, we take holistic approach of the way individuals use and enjoy their space because we believe ‘A home should reflect the people living there.’ We strive to understand our clients and their requirements, vision, needs to provide the best solution to their living spaces. “My unique way of approaching design stems from working in one of the most prestigious high-end residential studios, such as 1508London and Fenton Whelan, where I acquired both the design and client presentation methods. Every design process starts with an in-depth brief where we assess our clients’ needs and desires. This is then translated into a concept design, supported by revised layouts, proposed fabrics, materials and sketches until we hit on the perfect design for their home. Following this, we install the design into the space, project coordinate the design and build from structural changes to the very last accessory.” Furthermore, it is Katie’s ability to work with the client and exceed their expectations which sees her stand out in the interior design industry. Being flexible and versatile in her approach, Katie believes that her firm’s service is more than just design, but about living the dream with her client. “All of my staff pride ourselves on our flexibility and the upmost attention to detail that is paid to each aspect of the design journey through to project completion. Most importantly, our practice is much more than ‘what looks right’ but about people living in a space. We are truly committed to improving wellbeing through design. So far, we have even organised a talk about space design for wellbeing. Also, we are looking to research the matter further and share our findings