Summer 2018

8 1805LU23 Quality Over Quantity at Gloria 1937 Built into the medieval city wall of Tallinn, and located in an oasis of classic luxury in the rapidly changing world, is the Gloria Restaurant, full of exciting and wonderful delicacies, as well as tasty beverages. We profiled the venue and asked Dimitri Demjanov to tell us more about the vast range of food on offer to guests. Situated in the Estonian capital, the Gloria Restaurant is a unique destination brimming with bright colours and exciting, wonderful décor, making the restaurant a truly fascinating destination. The motto of Dimitri Demjanov and his team is quality and traditions, and staff look to put quality over quantity. Although the restaurant is not the biggest, the team believe it is the best. The lush interior is matched by the food, as Gloria is the stronghold of French cuisine in Estonia. There is a touch of New Nordic Cuisine to it though, and the team use best local ingredients, fresh from a forest, farm and waters. That reflects in the changing of the seasons in the meals that staff make. Contributing to the restaurant’s exquisite reputation is the building’s fascinating history, which is enticing guests from all over the world. The building which façade filled the whole territory from Art House to Harju Street and the east wing reached Müürivahe Street was projected in 1930`s. The town council gave A. Naarits permission to open a restaurant in Müürivahe Street with the license to sell alcoholic drinks in 1936. But for some reason or other the gentleman desisted from keeping a restaurant. Later, Karl Saarits and Kirill Kuning got the permission to open a restaurant there. The both men had practiced keeping a restaurant before. The new night pub Dancing Paris was opened 7th July