Summer 2018

Hotel Kanra Kyoto is a hotel where guests can experience the spirit of the city that embraces the beauty, wisdom and hospitality of Japan. The aim of staff at the hotel is to work hard to provide guests from all over the world to experience the Japanese culture to its fullest extent. When a guest first enters the venue, they are immediately struck by the big stone wash basin which is found in Japanese gardens, and is full of water which is the image of a Japanese traditional garden. Kanra spa guests instantly gain an insight into true Japanese culture when they first enter the spa. Contributing to the success of Kanra has been its three professional therapists who are well trained, and they subsequently invent and think up inventive ways to sell the venue’s offerings, products and how they all work exceptionally hard to provide only the best service. Embracing all styles of the Japanese culture, the rooms are created as a modern vision of Kyoto’s traditional techniques, labelled by staff as Machiya Style. There are four different motif rooms, including; cloth; soli; wood, and paper, all of which have adopted the true Japanese style. Additionally, the venue uses Japanese material, including typical Japanese ingredients such as Citron, Sakura, and Olives or so on come from Japan. Within the hotel and spa industry, staff work extremely hard to follow the venue’s culture of offering a relaxing getaway spa, with Japanese adaption. The company thinks it is important for the business to follow ‘wellness’, which means that staff not only offer healthy relaxation, but also work hard to improve a guests’ quality of life, based on producing a healthy body, mind and environment. Ensuring it is unique in many ways, the venue does not follow particular trends, especially in terms of technology, and this ensures that clients enjoy the best possible experience with the venue as they can relax. The company does not follow not much technology, and instead each therapist trains how they communicate with an individual guest, and how they work to relax, and enhance the wellbeing of the guests’ heart. Overall, across the region, there are many developments which are constantly arising, and as such it is vital that Hotel Kanra Kyoto can adapt and attract new and returning guests. With technology growing at a much higher speed than normal, the venue ensures that it is technology free, and the staff are keen to emphasise this, as they provide the perfect getaway for guests. The team are of the opinion that experience and valuing someone’s own time is the key to a relaxing experience, rather than buying goods. For those looking for a truly relaxing experience, Hotel Kanra Kyoto is the perfect place to go. An Insight into Japanese Culture Pampering Using Japanese original methods and plants, Hotel Kanra Kyoto offers the ultimate relaxing Kyoto- styled Spa which uses mixed Japanese traditional and cultural essence in it. We profiled the venue as we look for the exciting offering which attracts guests from all over the world. Company: Kanra Spa Contact: Akiko Sakurai Address: 190 Kitamachi Karasuma-dori Roku- jo-sagaru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, 600-8176, Japan Phone: 00 81 75 344 3815 Website: 1805LU12