Summer 2018

84 At The Unusual Please Interiors, they offer Full Services Interior Design, E-design, Interior Stylizing, and Hourly consulting. We profiled the firm and spoke to the firm’s Interior Designer, Wyatt Lanford who provided us with an insight into this luxury design company. At The Unusual Please Interiors, they offer Full Services Interior Design, E-design, Interior Stylizing, and Hourly consulting. Wyatt Lanford designs environments with the belief that everyone deserves a beautiful and inspiring space to live. Today, he holds true to his standard by providing a luxury e-design service that is easy for all. When undertaking a new client, Wyatt reveals how he begins the process by finding out a bit more information about them and their goals for the space, as well as noting on the key qualities to make for an excellent design and a designer. “At the beginning, I start out with a quick survey for incoming client’s which informs me more about their favourite vendors, designers, and goals for their space. Once the survey is complete, I assist my clients in searching for images and items that inspire them or give them a sense of happiness and peace that we can reflect and bring into their design. Most of all, I like to have my clients be involved in the design process, to ensure they are receiving what they want, as well as knowing what to expect. “As for the designers, they should be like clay, able to be moulded with each client providing them new and fresh ideas that are relevant to their client’s requests. This being said, a designer should push their clients out of their comfort zone to expand their taste and style. In my practice, I consider myself to be an Interior Therapist, helping couples bridge their unique taste together while working through conflict in a constructive way.” Looking at what sets The Unusual Please Interiors apart from their competitors, Wyatt informs us of what marks the firm as the best option for clients, as well as how they create innovative solutions to maintain his success as a designer. “Personally, I have a fresh take on things. I am in this field to make people happy and help elevate the lifestyles of hardworking people, not to make a quick buck. “As for how I maintain success, research, research, research. Typically, if I have done something before, I put it towards the back of the line to see what unusually beautiful solution I can come up with this time.” Speaking of success, The Unusual Please Interiors were recently successful in LUXlife’s 2018 Leading Designers Awards where they were awarded the title Best Range of Interior Design Services – California. When discussing the win, Wyatt reveals what the title means to both himself and everyone at the firm. “I am honoured, excited and thankful for all the wonderful clients that have assisted me in this journey. As a firm, it tells us that we are growing up, and doing something right. Everyone here is so grateful.” Bringing the interview to a close, Wyatt envisions what the future has in store for the industry, noting on some of the changes the marker will see over the course of the next 12 months. “Over the next 12 months, we are going to see a rise of custom furniture becoming more streamlined, major retailers will make this more affordable and easily accessed for consumers and designers alike. Some brands are already starting like The Sofa Company, Blu Dot, Joy Bird to name a few. Interior Design is going to be shifting heavily to the world of the internet, it’s the time for e-design and e-stylising. Moving forward, Wyatt is keen to highlight some of the successful projects the firm has had to date, as well as the plans that he has lined up for The Unusual Please Interiors. “One of my most successful projects, was a very small NYC apartment with next to nothing for a budget that I had to design. I had 200 square feet to fit a dining, living room and entryway. I thought this was going to be impossible. However, I researched tiny houses and resource furniture and it turned out lovely – it was even under budget! I was very pleased with overcoming the challenges of this project. “Looking ahead, we plan on creating a line of furnishings and an online shop for the everyday consumer. Eventually, I would love to have my The Unusual Please start a publication, providing a platform to assist those who are up and coming.” Contact: Wyatt Lanford Company: The Unusual Please Interiors, 697 West 7th Upland, CA, 91786, USA Telephone: 001 951 897 8091 Web Address: Making Homes Unusually Beautiful Style 1805LU35