Summer 2019

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 105 Summer 2019 HOWTO SPRITZ FRENCH FLUENTLY Ingredients • 40ml St~Germain • 60ml Dry Sparkling Wine • 60ml Sparkling Water Method Combine all of the ingredients over ice in a Collins glass. Stir gently and garnish with a lemon twist. “ Creating St-Germain is a truly unique process, combining the fleeting nature of the harvest season with the time-honoured savoir-faire of master blenders who have decades of experience in liqueur making. Harvest is a race against time that lasts only a few weeks in late spring, when we carefully select and handpick our elderflower blossoms at the height of their beauty. No less than a thousand elderflower blossoms go into each bottle and we don’t use any artificial colour or flavour, because quality is of utmost importance to us at every stage of the production process .” - Gabriel Valentin – Global Marketing Manager (EUR) for St-Germain Germain, and as such crafting this sumptuous treat is a laborious process. The harvesting season lasts for approximately a month, and the character of St-Germain depends entirely on the quality and freshness of the blossoms. If the blossoms are damaged in any way this can influence the final flavour, so they must be treated with the utmost care from picking through to processing and then bottling. What sets this liqueur apart from others is that the process of creating it has been kept traditional and handcrafted; only the open elderflowers are picked to make sure that the taste stays consistent in the finished product. The grass is exclusively maintained by the sheep, so the elderflowers are grown in a field that is completely organic and chemical free. The golden colour of the liquid comes from pollen, so there is no artificial colouring added. Unlike most overpowering liqueurs, St-Germain has a very delicate taste but is an extremely versatile ingredient to add a twist to any traditional cocktail and give it that je ne sais quoi. During production, the elderflower blossoms are steeped in warm water to infuse the flavour in a process known as maceration. The water cannot be too hot or cold and the process can take up to 45 minutes before the resulting liquid is combined with alcohol, sugar syrup and brandy to create the finished liqueur. Elderflowers picked this year by the LUXlife team and other esteemed guests will go into a fresh batch of St-Germain, allowing for a longstanding legacy of deliciousness that cannot be created by any other brand. Bottled in a stunning vessel that evokes the French elegance of the Art Deco movement and 1920s Paris, this luxurious drink is best savoured either alone or in an indulgent cocktail. St-Germain pairs well with all base spirits and can be used to enhance a variety of drinks to craft something truly unique and inspiring. Flower-gatherers, who often use bicycles to usher the delicate blossoms back to the village, serve as a subtle mascot to this delicious elderflower liqueur, as illustrated proudly in the St-Germain logo. The spirit’s longstanding traditions remain unchanged over the years and create a picturesque portal into the bygone traditions of liqueur making. Thanks to the highly-skilled process and care that goes into crafting, bottling and marketing this luscious spirit, St-Germain has established itself as a key contender in today’s alcoholic beverage market. To learn more visit https:// or go to the brand’s Instagram: @stgermain for inspiration to help you create delicious cocktail recipes that will impress even the most discerning of cocktail connoisseurs.