Summer 2019

Nov18715 The Art of Creating Memories Established in 2000, Global Enterprises Sightseeing Tours was created with the primary purpose of promoting Brussels’s legacy within the incredibly competitive travel and tourism industry. Following their success in the 2018 LUXlife Global Travel & Tourism Awards, as the ‘Best Luxury Walking Tour Operator’ in the city, we took a closer look at the company and their services. The tourism sector is undergoing quite the paradigm shift on two fronts. The first, that people have come to crave experiences over more traditional services. They want something that will last longer than mere souvenirs. The second ties into this idea intrinsically: that being a tourist is simply not enough. Travellers want to explore beyond the usual hotspots, to truly live like a local. In this environment, it is no surprise that tours are becoming an increasingly popular option for those that want insider knowledge about the cities and regions that they visit. Global Enterprises Sightseeing Tours has distinguished itself from an incredibly competitive field through a dedication to “collecting moments not things.” Specialising in providing competitive and superior quality tours to travellers, Global Enterprises offers an unprecedented view of Belgium’s capital. From chocolate and beer tours, to a trip to the city’s culinary delights, this company offers an entirely different perspective of Brussels – crucially, one not found in guidebooks. Of course, Global Enterprises caters entirely to their clients, and has organised tours to Bruges, Gent, Luxembourg and even to international destinations such as Nepal. But it is the company’s Brussels based tours where the company truly shines brightest, becoming synonymous with exceptional quality, and truly first class, personalised service. As a result of their efforts, Global Enterprises Sightseeing Tours has become one of the largest in the city – no small feat. Serving more than 11,200 tourists a year, the company impresses through the expertise of the tour operators and consultants. For those wanting to experience the real Brussels, from its rich history through to its world-class brewing industry, Global Enterprises Sightseeing Tours remains the standout choice. It partners an individualised service with exceptional insider, local knowledge, ensuring that Belgium becomes a firm favourite destination for the most well-explored travellers and casual tourists alike. Company: Global Enterprises Sightseeing Tours Address: Global Enterprises BVBA, Rue de la Presse 4, Brussels, 1000, Belgium Website: Telephone: +32 479 319 003 Explore