Summer 2019

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 11 Summer 2019 tree was felled during the hotel’s construction. “We originally planned for fifteen suites to be built, but we reduced this to nine to protect the trees and the natural habitat. We also reduce paper usage wherever possible. There’s a tablet in each guest room, replacing items such as menus and phone directories. An on-site electric car provides transportation to guests when visiting close-by excursions. Equally, none of the Ravana Garden staff uses printed business cards – all of us use e-business cards. It is estimated that annually we lose millions of trees due to printed visiting cards. Complimentary to these ideals, the hotel is a major employer in their neighbourhood, with over 35% of Ravana Garden’s staff employed from the local community “We’ve out-sourced certain hotel services to local service providers and buy some of the home-grown vegetables and fruits from the neighbourhood, despite cheaper options available at whole-sale markets”. Today, the hotel is a nine-suite oasis, offering unmatched luxury and a guest experience that could rival that of any of the world’s best establishments. It revels in the rich and diverse nature of ancient Sri Lankan culture, finding inspiration in its inherent focus on mindfulness and spirituality. “Conceptualised and designed by renowned architect Sunela Jayawardena, with charming gardens perfected by well-known creative Laki Senanayake, Ravana Garden comes complete with a beach spa, open sky bar, solar powered utilities, and a personal butler to cater to a guests’ every need. There’s outdoor bathtubs, private gardens, and private dining too on offer. It’s romantic, perfect for any honeymoon, or for any travellers looking to relax in the middle of nowhere. Guests can rest assured that their stay would leave only the smallest of ecological foot prints.” “Further, we have an acute understanding of what we want to offer our clients, and therefore have also included invigorating experiences for our guests in and around the area. From an open safari park, bird watching, outdoor cooking sessions, traditional Madal fishing (available only on certain days during the year) and hiking to name a few, they are sure to be spoiled for choice.” For the gourmets, Ravana Garden’s wholesome, organic, semi- organic and natural dining offers a plethora of options for the most discerning of palettes, with taste experiences that cannot be found anywhere else in the region. It capitalises fully on Sri Lanka’s impressive culinary heritage, utilising the entire spectrum of flavours, textures, spices and colours. “For centuries, Sri Lankan ingredients have been hailed by kings and dignitaries alike, with our spices revered as being second-to- none. Which is why you’d be glad to know that we have designed, created and maintained a vibrant, thriving, organic herb and vegetable garden on-site right here at Ravana Garden, where we grow most of our own organic produce to serve within the resort’s restaurant and dining experiences. Fertilised with nothing other than natural organic compost that is eco-friendly and biodegradable, our growing methods enable us to keep our on-site dining experiences low impact and sustainable, which naturally complements our guests’ dining preferences.