Summer 2019

14 Exclusivity and innovation define SILENT-YACHTS, a company that specialises in producing the first – and only – oceangoing solar-electric catamarans in the world. Every year the luxury sphere is finding ways to integrate sustainability into their offerings without sacrificing quality, enticing a new wave of clients. We take a deeper look at the company to find out how they have secured an enviable position in this burgeoning industry. SILENT-YACHTS has swiftly become synonymous in their industry through an ability to provide excellence across their product range, leading the way to a new era for modern boating. Where some see eco-friendly adoption as a disadvantage - a hurdle to overcome – SILENT-YACHTS have embraced the challenge, and with that fervour, they have developed a boat that stands by itself. A veritable feat of modern engineering. Nowhere is this more true than with the company’s latest model, the SILENT 80. Holistically designed by Marco Casali of Too Design, with naval architecture by Amedeo Migali of MICAD, the SILENT 80 is a marvel, SILENT-YACHTS : Heralding in a New Era in Luxury Boating delighting with a streamlined and elegant façade. The solar-panels are perfectly integrated into the yacht’s silhouette, maintaining an effortless style. It’s no surprise then that the SILENT 80 has so far sold 4 units, with orders expected to be completed in 2020. A Hybrid of Form and Function More impressive is the SILENT 80’s ability to defy common conceptions about power and beauty. Ergonomic design remains the key, combining the highest quality materials and craftsmanship with best in class engineering to yield a simply outstanding performance. As expected from the 100% solar powered