Summer 2019

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 15 Summer 2019 vessel, the SILENT 80 is capable of silent sailing, creating no vibrations or fumes. It uses the same lithium-ion batteries found in Tesla cars, long-lasting and durable with an eight-year warranty for peace of mind. This is a new type of sailing, embracing a quiet contemplation over the roar of an engine. For potential owners, it guarantees comfort, welcoming in a new future for those that step aboard. Despite its impressive specifications, this vessel isn’t built entirely for speed, but offers a practically self-sufficient experience without any maintenance needed. In everything else, the SILENT 80 should feel entirely familiar to those that have followed the company’s storied history. It carries the essential DNA, the diligence, the signature consideration – every corner and every angle has been refined and perfected. SILENT 80 simply represents an evolution. An ascension. The formula refined. Looking closer, Marco Casali’s work is undeniable, offering an unmistakable Italian- Mediterranean flair and sheen. It is a celebration of technology combined effortlessly with nature. Large windows let in an abundance of clean light, filling the Salon and guest spaces while allowing for peerless panoramic views. There’s no reason not the embrace the SILENT 80 as the inevitable next step in yachting. After all, sustainability is coming into vogue, with companies across a plethora of sub-industries and sectors understanding in unison the importance of adapting to this new world of opportunity. For SILENT- YACHTS, who have always placed a singular importance on solar-powered creations, it’s business as usual as they look to innovate and improve their offerings as undisputed leaders of their market. Company: SILENT-YACHTS HQ Address: SILENT-YACHTS, Handels GmbH, Pirk 22, A-9064 Magdalensberg, Austria Website: Telephone: +43 664 357 0570 PRICING The base price of the SILENT 80 is 4.27 million Euro, many options are included as standard, which usually require extra payment. ABOUT SILENT-YACHTS The first and only fully solar-sustainable oceangoing production catamaran yachts in the world. Exclusively powered by solar energy and capable of permanently cruising up to 100 miles per day. This is pure solar–powered luxury. HERITAGE Heike and Michael Köhler, who have spent 5,000 days aboard cruising more than 75,000 miles all around the world, founded SILENT-YACHTS. In 2009, they launched the SOLARWAVE 46, the first fully self-sufficient blue-water catamaran, after years of testing solar-powered propulsion. MODELS SILENT-YACHTS has four models: the new SILENT 55, the SILENT 64, the SILENT 55 VIP Ferry, and the SILENT 80, with a design revealed in August 2018. SILENT-YACHTS' owners and founders Michael Köhler, Mag. iur. – Founder and CEO SILENT-YACHTS Austria Heike Köhler, Co-Founder & Interior Layout