Summer 2019

17 Jun19069 It is no small feat to distinguish yourselves in the peerless Santorini region – that stalwart of the luxury market that has swiftly become the go-to tourist hotspot for those looking to experience the very best that the region has to offer. Yet, Mesogaia Delicatessen has done just that, becoming a must-visit establishment for their dedication to exceptional cuisine and undeniable taste. Santorini is one of those bucket-list mainstays when it comes to tourism and travel, celebrating an enviable position in the Aegean as a leader in luxury. From the trademark alabaster buildings, sapphire-topped domes and sheer cliff faces, Santorini sure makes a swift, lasting impression. Of course, this popularity has a drawback – competition. Despite some 3.5. million tourists visiting the island each year, it is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to mark themselves as exceptional, as -simply- better than their numerous peers. In this, Mesogaia Delicatessen has taken a rather unusual route: it has achieved perfection through an ease and a seamlessness, letting the quality of its offerings speak as testament to their exquisite offerings. Its casual, laid back atmosphere finds itself perfectly at home amidst the cliffs and sun-drenched vistas. Where the establishment truly excels though is in its wine selection, which many guests have hailed as “the best in Santorini”. A standout feature must be the ‘wine experience menu’, which partners five classic, traditional and delicious dishes with five perfect pre-determined wine choices, carefully selected by Mesogaia’s expert sommeliers/owners. Though, naturally, the perfect wine for your meal is just one recommendation away, and everything on the menu has been curated For the Perfect Luxury Experience in Santorini with this consideration in mind. As such, for the wine aficionados, Mesogaia Delicatessen moves from a curiosity to a temple – a place to share your enthusiasm with like-minded and knowledgeable individuals. It’s no surprise then that the delicatessen was named "Best Wine Bar" by the Best Restaurant Awards in 2018. Of course, not putting a particular focus on the food would be a disserve to this restaurant. Taking no small amount of inspiration from authentic Greek cuisine, each dish is a colourful delight, offering guests a tour around Grecian culinary treasures. Think the finest olives, fava, and picture-perfect meze platters topped high with mpougiournti and tzatziki. Whatever you choose from the menu is sure to hit the right spot and leave you eager to return. As if that wasn’t enough, the delicatessen’s retail section ensures you can take some tantalising treats with you, allowing the entire experience to linger on the tongue just a touch longer. With sweets, honey, olive oil, jams, olives and – of course, wines on offer, it’s a veritable cornucopia of offerings. Unbeatable sea views, casual setting, delightful wine menu, delicious food – what’s not to love? With all of this in mind, it is clear to see why Mesogaia Delicatessen has become a true goliath in the region. An extraordinary feat indeed. Mesogaia Delicatessen Address: Kamari, Santorini, 84700, Greece TripAdvisor: [LINK : g658914-d12658981-Reviews-Mesogaia_Delicatessen-Kamari_ Santorini_Cyclades_South_Aegean.html] Facebook: Telephone: +30 2286 030192 LUXlife Recommended: Refined Mediterranean Cuisine, 2019