Summer 2019

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 19 Summer 2019 acts as a mirror to his experiences as a young boy travelling around Europe and the Middle East before settling in the United States. Where Arkay really succeeds is in its ability to mimic the ‘kick’ and flavour of alcohol, without any of the negative effects. Indeed, Arkay contains no sugar, no fat, no calories, no additive chemicals – no side effects at all. It closely follows the European Economic Community (EEC) and the US Food and Drug Administration regulations, as well as being both Halal and Kosher. It’s no surprise then, that their liquors are now available in 120 international markets, so wide is its general appeal. More than anything, Arkay feels like a triumph in timing, talent and entrepreneurial spirit. Its meteoric rise in popularity came at just the right time, when consumers were eager for new blood – to taste something different that disrupts the traditionally stable marketplace. How long has it been since a truly new product entered the beverage market, enticing a new wave of consumers to adopt a new favourite? The last eight years have certainly proved the perfect litmus test, showcasing that there is a desire for non-alcoholic beverages that feel, distinctly, grown up, sitting proudly alongside the industry’s mainstays. Thriving under these market conditions, Arkay has solidified itself as a real contender, moving to conquer the alcoholic beverages sector with a confidence that few can match. It seems certain then that Arkay’s goals to become the number one beverage company are not just pipe dreams, but a possibility. No small feat indeed for a drink that was created from an off-hand joke. Company: Arkay Beverages Address: Laredo, Texas, United States of America Website: Arkay can be purchased online at - Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: ot hol ot sky Kay ® 0g, Carbohydrate ar 0g, Protein 0g OLIC WHISKY ER GUARANTEED 26/07/2018 12:47