Summer 2019

25 Established in 2013, Flipping Design is an interior design firm based in West Hollywood, California. Earlier this year, Flipping Design was recognised as the ‘Best Minimalist Residential Interior Design Business’ in LUXlife’s 2019 Designer Awards. We spoke with the firm’s Founder and Designer, Fernando Cuevas, to find out more about his unique aesthetic and ethos. More than anything, Fernando has impressed through a dedication to his unique aesthetic, which serves to create spaces that are clean, modern and interesting. Working within the competitive Californian market, Flipping Design has managed to distinguish itself through its adaptability, from collaborating with Architects on new build construction to designing bespoke homes for celebrities. On the latter, Fernando offers a recent example. “My latest project is West Hollywood involved designing a space for Liam Dunaway O’Neill, who is the son of world-renowned actress Faye Dunaway and iconic Photographer Terry O’Neill. One key challenge for the project was levelling a very uneven floor of the condominium home. Sometimes a little elbow grease really goes a long way. Hardwood flooring was installed after levelling and ‘voila!’ Decorating after the renovation has been completed is always the icing on the cake for me. I’m proud of the monotone palette and sophisticated feel that was created – after all, minimalism doesn’t have to be dull or boring.” “The mission has always been to create memorable spaces. With that being said, ‘details’ is what a client remembers most. It’s about adding those little touches that you know will create the “ahh” moment.” Like many of his peers, Fernando understands the importance of clear communication when it comes to ensuring a successful end result. For An Exploration of Minimalist Interior Design residential interior design in particular it is a crucial element in the process – that key ingredient that makes a house a home. “I like to direct clients to my online survey, which allows for both the client and I to understand very important factors such as budget, aesthetic, and project requirements.” It would be an understatement to say that the design industry moves quickly – from season to season and year to year, trends move in and out of fashion, as Fernando explains in more detail. “The design industry is constantly evolving. I believe that as new ideas and perspectives are introduced, everyone creates an interpretation or their own version of that. For example, the use of bolder materials, including richer marble, and warmer tones is making its way into fashion. Although Flipping Design specialises in monochromatic minimalist tones, it’s always nice to combine these two very different worlds to create truly memorable spaces. “Social media is a major influence due to the tangible and present accessibility. In this capacity, Flipping Design strives to post our most recent work as well as inspiration to keep our fans and followers up to date. Additionally, Hollywood has a large design district and community. It allows for easy networking and collaboration with other design-minded individuals and companies, which in turn, allows for more exposure.” Finally, in his closing comments, Fernando speaks for a moment on the future of Flipping Design as they look to move into new markets. “The next chapter of Flipping Design includes a furniture collection, which has already been designed and the prototypes are being built. I’m super-excited and ready for this new journey because it will allow us to collaborate with other artists like graphic designers for prints to add to our textile upholstery.” Company: Flipping Design Contact: Fernando Cuevas, Founder/Designer Address: 8149 Santa Monica Blvd. #337, West Hollywood, California, 90046, USA Website: Telephone: +1 310 962 2038 Style Mar19023