Summer 2019

28 Established in 2016, Glas.Holz design are specialists in creating luxury furniture and interiors to the most discerning of specifications. Following their success in LUXlife’s 2019 Leading Designers Awards, where they were recognised with the ‘Award for Excellence in Outstanding Product Design’, we spoke with Rudolf Wistl, Designer at the studio, to find out more about their inspirations and ethos. Glas. Holz design have found their inspiration and success through combining two often-partnered materials in a new and interesting way. Yet, part of the company’s appeal lies in the simplicity of their core product, its clean lines and its versatility. As Rudolf explains, this all part of the design process: “For many parts of my designs I use several ideas from my daily craft as a master carpenter. One day, as I visited the Glasmanufaktur Freiherr von Poschinger in Frauenau/Bavarian Forest, I had the idea to connect two wonderful materials - glass and wood. The idea was to bring together that which belongs together: as mouth-blown glass gets its shape when it is blown into a wooden mould which is turned beforehand. This is the basic idea behind the design of Glas.Holz design. “After the process of creating a new design, I elaborate it. Then, the designed products are produced and manufactured in-house. Our clients are at all different levels, from hoteliers as well as private customers. We find that every type of client appreciates high quality, luxury pieces that embrace incredible design. This is what Glas.Holz design stands for.” Throughout it all, the studio remains fervently devoted to maintaining the highest of standards across the board, from their products to every interaction with their clients. Yet, as Rudolf emphasises, Glas.Holz remains focused on exceeding expectations, not simply meeting them. “We keep our own standards very high so that we can provide the best Glass andWood: Simplicity Leads to Outstanding Design possible service, and provide the best quality product, to our customers. We aren’t satisfied with provided ‘the expected’ service: we want to go beyond. Equally, every piece must be designed and manufactured to be perfect and right.” This ‘guiding light’ has proven a valuable asset when navigating the incredibly competitive design arena, which is something Rudolf takes a moment to acknowledge. “There are many furniture manufacturers and interior design experts. What we make is unique, and that is necessary to ‘lock in’ a good position on the greater market. Our designs are based on a dedication to our craft, which has carried us through the years, and looks set to define our future.” This dedication to their craft has outlined their approach, even as potential competitors and peers look to mould themselves to the latest trends and fashions. “As a business, we’ve had to adapt to industrial manufacturing standards which continue to move quickly. But, in many ways, our aim isn’t to follow the latest industry trends. Our aim is to keep the culture of craft, and to be the one to innovate, to create new designs and techniques. “The global stress of competition doesn’t stop from anyone. Thus, we will expand our strengths and use the positive side effects of this time as a benefit for us. One of the things we are developing is a better connection to environmentalism and sustainable thinking, which has been important to us for years.” In his closing comments, Rudolf expands on this point, offering more insight into the future of Glas.Holz design. “Through the internet it is possible for small companies to reach international markets easier: this fact has inspired us to further develop our T-Series.” Company: Glas.Holz design Name: Rudolf Wistl, Designer Address: Tittling, Bavaria, 94104, Germany Website: Style Jun19095