Summer 2019

31 Attentiveness. Diligence. Commitment. Authentic . Feel Luxury Holidays understands how to create perfect experiences that can meet the most discerning of expectations. They understand that achieving excellence in the travel and hospitality industries is all about the big picture and the smallest of details. It’s about accommodation, and flexibility. An ability to say ‘yes’ rather than ‘no’. As Sybille explains, Feel Luxury Holidays is all about allowing guests to feel special and unique, ensuring that all needs are realised and met. “On top of offering unforgettable experiences for your holidays, we also organise company seminars and special events such as engagements, weddings, birthdays and bar mitzvahs. Feel Luxury Holidays take pride in being a true local contact, meticulously and regularly checking and verifying each holiday home and constantly making improvements, if necessary. Our expertise is extremely selective and, ultimately, refinement is a term that we work hard to ensure retains its full meaning. For example, when a guest visits one of our villas in Marrakech, we make sure that they experience the ‘real Marrakech’ – from the traditional cuisine, to the areas that tourists often miss. “Our staff are experts and attentive to the client, offering the most beautiful properties and the best experiences to compose and transform extraordinary stays into truly unforgettable ones. As a result, the Feel Luxury Holidays team shares the same dreams as its clients and pays total attention to them. The team is united, proactive and dialogue is omnipresent.” It’s no surprise then, all things considered, that Feel Luxury Holidays has experienced the growth that it has, expanding its network to include new collaborators and opportunities for their burgeoning client base. “We are in full growth and are looking for new external collaborators every day to become more present on the online landscape. Ultimately, we want Accommodating the Most Discerning of Tastes to Create Truly Authentic Experiences to be the first company the customer thinks of when they think of truly authentic, luxury holidays. So, as such, we are facing new challenges.” Sybille continues, exploring how the company is choosing to tackle these challenges. “The response times and deadlines of our external collaborators are sometimes too long. The fact that we are in full growth forces us to work faster. At the same time, we are not really affected by external factors as we are proactive in finding workable, real-world solutions internally.” The conversation soon turns to sector trends and how Feel Luxury Holidays works to integrate transient industry elements into their day to day work. “We notice that customers are booking more and more at the last minute, or they are totally the opposite and book far in advance (12 months before the date). A similar pattern emerges when you consider the price of villas, with customers booking cheap or very expensive. There’s no longer than distinct middle ground. As a result, we are trying to accommodate these preferences and offer luxury options at a low price, and ‘ultra’ luxury at high prices.” Finally, Sybille concludes on a hopeful note, acknowledging that the future is a promising one indeed. “We hope that the future holds some nice surprises for us because we are always happy to have new challenges and contracts.” Company: Feel Luxury Holidays Name: Sybille Cabalé Address: 107 Boulevard Bara, Marseille 13, Bouches-Du-Rhone, 13013, France Website: Telephone: +33 4674 53162 Mar19023 Feel Luxury Holidays is a luxury platform that offers exceptional villas that are sure to meet – and exceed- all expectations. Partnered with the best concierge services, they have built a reputation on creating unforgettable experiences for their guests. We spoke with one of the company’s Managers, Sybille Cabalé, to find out more about how their commitment to excellence has helped forge an enviable position on the luxury market. “Making you travel is our job!”