Summer 2019

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 33 Summer 2019 Embracing a thoroughly modern design style, TAKANORI URATA DESIGN INC. has become one of the most in-demand design firms in the region, celebrated for an ability to create exceptional spaces that are- in every way – unique. Though Takanori works primarily in the architecture and interior design spheres, he has also built a reputation on the back of other pursuits and in other markets, namely, in the package and graphic design industry. Throughout it all, Takanori’s signature remains apparent: crisp, clean and elegant. This has driven TAKANORI URATA DESIGN to thrive in sectors that require a certain sense of modernity, think modern condominiums, cosmetic companies and pharmaceutical clients. In those areas, Takanori has truly flourished, harnessing a skill for large open spaces that remain, at their core, entirely functional. Yet, the root of TAKANORI URATA DESIGN’s success lies in Takanori’s skill in communication, as he explains in more detail here. “I interview my clients first and try to understand exactly what they want. I pay attention to how my work satisfies their needs. Then I suggest a design which is improved on and refine over time. I aim to always exceed my client’s expectations and surprise them. Once they decide to move ahead with my office, I provide services that meet my client’s needs to gain their trust and establish a long-term partnership.” “When I suggest my first design idea to my clients, I prepare a fine rendering to make them understand. I can make it that is almost exactly the same as the completed architecture or interior. I think that my clients can easily imagine my design before they proceed with my services and they entrust me to complete the project without worry for the final product.” This is made all the more impressive when you consider that TAKANORI URATA DESIGN is a two-person operation. “There’s only two people, including myself. It is a small office, but I always try my best for my clients. I believe that my best will be evaluated as success, and it will lead to the next offer of work from my clients.” In a way that is to be very much expected for the firm, Takanori prefers to carve his own path in the sector and ignore the transient fashions and trends that come and go year on year. “I don’t mind so much about today’s trends. I always concentrate on my client’s needs first. Then, I imagine and create a design for them. I love long-life design which is simple, but never fails to be interesting. I aim for timelessness in my work and go from there.” Finally, Takanori offers some insight into TAKANORI URATA DESIGN’s future. “I don't know what will happen in future. So, I think I should try hard to make my design skill up so that I can meet variety needs from clients.” Company: TAKANORI URATA DESIGN INC. Name: Urata Address: 3-15-30, Urayasu-shi,Toudaijima, 279- 0001, Chiba, Japan Website: Telephone: +81 80 7388 2822